Your Product is your Best Advertisement

“These babies are going to be family heirlooms.”

Wise Words – Bicycle Times Magazine – Contest Winner

When we launched our Behind the Brand – Episode 1 video, we ran a contest with Bicycle Times Magazine and gave away the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier and the Pannier Backpack Convertible to one lucky bike commuter. The winner was Ernest Stableford from York, Maine, USA. Ernest is an active 68-year-old who still bikes to work 15 miles most days in the spring and summer. We were delighted to receive this e-mail from Ernest, and take careful consideration of some of the wisdom in his note. We hope that our bags serve him well on his commute for many years to come.


I’m in receipt of the backpack pannier and pannier-garment bag your company sent as a “prize” for a Bicycle Times contest. And I’m in awe of the design, workmanship, materials and functionality of both pieces. I’ve made do with biking most of my errands and stuff with two canvas panniers made by Madden thirty years ago. They’re still in good shape – zippers and hangers functional — but nowhere close to the quality and ruggedness of the bags you shipped. These babies are going to be family heirlooms.

I traded my 25 year-old squishy canvas day-pack for your pannier backpack as soon as I took it out of the box. Both bags are the same size; but the design of your pack – used as day-pack or pannier – fits my needs much better. It’s off to the office today with everything I need to stay sane, hydrated, well-fed, dry and on top of the information critical to what I do, all in in one safe sturdy bag.

The garment bag may have to serve an alternative purpose for a while. The job’s a hilly 15 mile commute on narrow Maine roads. Not something I’d consider in bad or winter weather. But come the first warm sunny spring day, that garment bag will be singing my song maybe one or two days a week. For my weekly grocery-library- post-office- bank run I’m curious about how the garment bag may load more or differently than the old Madden panniers.

In any case, I’m proud to own something conspicuous (to other cyclists anyway) that reflects pride in workmanship. Your product is your best advertisement. A really great gift. Please share my pleasure and gratitude with the folks who put these beautiful bags together, and everyone in the company who makes this level of craftsmanship possible.

Ernest Stableford


Bike Bags With Pride in Craftsmanship 

jad-vgh-bike-with-bag-packedIf you’re looking to make an upgrade in high-quality bike panniers consider riding with us.

The Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier or Pannier Backpack may be the perfect fit. Our friendly service team is ready to answer any questions at

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