Green Friday Sale: Giving Repurposed Bags a Second Chance

So, what happens when a bag is returned under our 30-day commuter guarantee?

We inspect it, clean it (if needed), and fix it (if required). Then we give it a second chance at a very happy life.

All inspected and qualified bags are sold in our annual Green Friday Sale, taking place this week for a massive discount. Stock is limited and it sells out fast!

GREEN FRIDAY SALE is now live! Get the best re-purposed gear before it’s gone!

We then share the proceeds with our favourite non-profit organization, Dreams Take Flight.

Two Wheel Gear Donates to Dreams Take Flight

Why Dreams Take Flight?

Because it holds a special place in our hearts. They do incredibly important work for kids and families, in the times of their lives when they need it the most.

Growing up, I had a cousin who had open heart surgery when he was 6 months old. He was in and out of the hospital his whole life. After complications from a heart transplant surgery, he sadly passed away at the young age of 21.

Right around the same time, another cousin of mine and my longtime childhood neighbour were both diagnosed with inoperable brain tumours. Both passed away within 1 year of each other, far too young.

Watch How Dreams Take Flight Changes Kids Lives

We have all been to way too many funerals for young people (just kids really) and it is one of the most heart-wrenching times any family can go through.

Dreams Take Flight brings the experience of a lifetime to terminally ill kids like my cousins, friends and your cousins/friends/nieces/nephews and children. They make kids’ wishes come true.

Dreams take flight takes sick kids out of their hospital beds, flies them to Disneyland (first class), gives them VIP passes to enjoy every ride and meet their favourite Disney characters, then flies them home that very same night so they can be back in their hospital beds without skipping a beat of their treatment.

They bring some joy, laughter and fun to the families and kids that need it the most.

We love them for it.

So Green Friday combines our love for sustainability by re-purposing basically brand new gear, and spreading some joy to those who need it most.

This “sale” is in loving memory of Kevin, Devin, Tyler and all the kids and families out there going through tough times battling illness.

This is the one way our bike bag company can really give back to something deeply personal to us all. We all start as kids. We all deserve a second chance. We all deserve a trip of a lifetime.

Big Hugs,

Reid & the Two Wheel Gear team

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