Sending Gratitude to our Frontline Biking Workers! Stories from our heroes.

Two Wheel Gear - Heroes from the frontlines

On Friday, March 27th, we asked you to nominate yourself or someone you know that continues to work in essential services and is making an impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are so many heroes out there but we focused on individuals that continue to bike as their main transportation.

The response we received was overwhelming! Our eyes filled with tears as we read your submissions. We are so thankful to have people like this in our community and helping out all of humanity!

In a few short days, we received over 150 glowing nominations of people doing extraordinary things. Although each and every nomination is truly our hero and deserves all of our recognition and gratitude, Two Wheel Gear had to select only a few nominees to receive a new bag to make their bike commute better. However, we were crushed we could only select 3 nominees. So…after some deliberation we selected 5 deserving nominees to receive new bike commuting bags!

We couldn’t choose just 3….So we Chose 5!

The Selected Nominees receiving Two Wheel Gear bags to help them on their commutes are as follows:

1) Rhonda Callender | Nominated by 44 people! | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Rhonda works as a nurse and always bikes to work. I mean always. It could be raining, snowing, gale force winding or whatevering, she’ll be there: she is dedicated. Rhonda has been picking up back to back shifts at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital to backfill staffing shortages due to the Covid19 crisis and puts in typical 12+ hours shifts as required. If a colleague doesn’t show on time, she stays to ensure continued care. She’s a pro. A consummate pro and leads by example. I’m proud to be her 2-wheeled buddy.” Nominated by Doug Doyle

“Goes above and beyond to ensure pts are well cared for. Makes suggestions as to where staff is best needed on unit. Works extra hours to endure unit does not work understaffed.” Nominated by Fatima Abdullahi

“My daughter is a very dedicated nurse in Victoria. Even works extra shifts on her days off when requested. Rides to and from work everyday.” Nominated by Lynn Callender

“Is the most positive, upbeat nurse I know… she’s always a ray of sunshine (even when she’s riding day/night in the pouring rain!)” Nominated by Christina McPherson

“My sister is a nurse who has always worked very hard to care for her patients and families and now with the increasing risk she deserves recognition more than ever. Not only does she put in a long and physically/emotionally demanding day but she rides her bike 40K to do it. A true super hero and that is why I would like to nominate her.” Nominated by Roxanne

“She works as a nurse at the hospital, usually weekends and holidays,not afraid to work double shifts, and also is one of the kindest people I know.She also took care of my father in-law during his last few months of life and is always been a caring and dedicated person.” Nominated by Dan Korolyk

“Rhonda is one of the most dedicated nurses in our healthcare system. Working in an ICU, she is forever picking up extra shifts, staying longer to help her ward and missing her weekends in times of need. Despite 10, 12 and 14 hour shifts, she commutes the 30 km by bike, no matter the season. Rhonda doesn’t leave until the work is down, she busts her butt while she’s working, she is tough and she always has a smile on her face that complements her sardonic sense of humour.” Nominated by Tasha Dilay

“She has been working overtime when others don’t show up. She is funny and great at her job!” Nominated by Dea-Anne Sandrk

“Rhonda is the rock of Sph everyday after riding 25 km to and from work rain or shine. She really needs bags.” Nominated by Scott Kaltenbach

“She is a nurse! Bikes even in the winter and though she practising social isolation, she goes to work faithfully. She has hundreds of sick hours because she NEVER calls in sick.” Nominated by Mavelle Stone

Rhonda was also nominated by: Renske van der Linden, Andrea, Montana Lamont, Sandra Harding, Katarina Buchanan, Glenowyn Carlson, Susan Simpson, Carrie, Erin Dixon, Hillerie Denning, Nancy Powers, Ilona Bell, Carolyn Poulin, Chris Paul, Breanna, Sarah Edwards, Kelsey Bayles, Tracie, Jennifer, Laura Yarish, Dewain, Katarina Buchanan, Carrie McElwain, Zahida Machan, Lanny Smith, Lilly Hammermeister, Joy Farrell, Martha Kaltenbach, Peter Dunfield, Katie, Dunja, Lindsay McGuire, Manda Ghag, Annamarie

2) William Severynse | NOMINATED by Mike DeVries | Denver, Colorado, USA

“Will has come in to our store (Trader Joe’s) for every shift and has brought his positive attitude and smile. The stress has hit all of us in all different ways, but Will has weathered this “new normal” with grace. His willingness to help our customers and crew members navigate these hard times is second to none. I’m honored to work with this gentleman!”

3) Dr. Christopher Rees | Nominated by Rebecca Reid | Cardiff, Wales, UK

“Chris Rees, my cousin, qualified a couple of years ago as a Junior Doctor and works full-time as a doctor at a busy NHS hospital in South Wales. When coming off several night shifts in a row, he then may be on call for a few days and that was before the outbreak of Covid-19! I know how dedicated Chris and know that he will be the first doctor to volunteer to help out above and beyond what he usually does.”

“Chris could have accepted a job in a hospital in a more middle-class area of South Wales but instead chose to work in Merthyr Tydfil, one of the poorest parts of the UK, in order to be in amongst the action and gain maximum experience.

(When we used to ask Chris when he was 11 years old what he wanted to be, he used to say a doctor and then a surgeon. When Chris was 19, he took a gap year and spent his time at a hospital in South Africa looking after the poor and even helping to deliver babies. Well, Chris, you’re well on your way now to becoming that Consultant or Surgeon!)

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Chris continues to work hard despite recently being told to cancel all his leave for the next 9 months. As a family, we are so proud of you, Chris! He recently proposed to his fiancée (his childhood sweetheart) and they are saving up to get married in a couple of years. We can’t wait for the wedding!

Chris is a keen road cyclist and I am sure he would love one of your gorgeous pannier rucksacks! He’d be the smartest cycling doctor in Cardiff! I think he deserves a thank you for his efforts during this Covid-19 pandemic. More information or photos available on request. Kind regards, Cousin Becky x”

4) Abbie Entz | Nominated By Victoria Salekin | Detroit, MI, USA

“Abbie is a resident physician of internal medicine at Henry Ford in Detroit who made Chief Resident for the 2020-2021 year. She’s been working on the COVID-19 floor of the hospital and although her 30th birthday is next Friday (April 3rd), I have a hunch she’ll spend it working to save lives instead of celebrating her big day (it would be awesome to surprise her with a bag and brighten her day).”

“Abbie is one of the most deserving individuals I know. She’s always thinking about others, even in the absence of a crisis, and goes above and beyond to serve the community: she has won resident teaching awards for educating medical students and volunteers at a clinic to serve the homeless through Street Medicine Detroit.”

COVID-19 - Detroit Michigan

5) Agnes Chang, RN | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Agnes is a nurse in the downtown eastside and for many years she has been an active champion for cycling as an efficient and healthy means of outreach for clients in the urban core. She has inspired many other VCH staff to bike to work, and at work. Go Agnes!!!”

stories from our biking frontline workers around the world

These are our real-life heroes. This is a compilation of all the amazing nominations we received from our frontline workers that continue to ride their bikes and make incredible impacts in our communities.

We heard from people all around the world working tirelessly in all types of essential services. From IT, to groceries, to news outlets, to the people keeping our lights on, to garbage collection, to bike food delivery, and all the amazing people working in our healthcare system to many more. These are stories of our #FrontLineHeroes. Thank you to everyone out there making a difference for all!

We asked them to briefly describe how they were a making an impact in their communities. These are their stories.

Sarah Mendoza | Nominated by Maricris Nonato | Metro Manila, Philippines

“She is a transport health worker. She moves patients from one testing hospital to another as needed and/or fetches positive patients from their home to a hospital – @maricris_sn

COVID-19 - Bike Commuter

Chad Baxter | Edmonton, AB, Canada

“I work for a local utility that has to come in everyday to ensure the lights stay on and design and build upgrades to the system as more people stay home all day and put a strain on the electric grid. – @chdbaxter”

Gerson Olivo | New York, NY, USA

“FDNY Firefighter and NYC Medical Reserve Registered Nurse Volunteer.”

Andrea Riekstins | Nominated by Mark Shred | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Andrea is a senior manager at the hospital for sick children in Toronto. She is leading and providing active to support to all the front line staff and families impacted during this difficult time.”

Audra Kozun | Nominated by Ruth Matthews | Victoria, BC, Canada

“She is a labour and delivery nurse with two small kiddos at home and is still riding her bike to work to help babies come into the world.”

Alejandro Umali | Pasig City, National Capital Region, Philippines

“I’m an Emergency Medicine Resident from one of the largest institutions in the central capital of the Philippines. I’ve been dealing witj with COVID-19 since January. But we’ve seen an increase in cases from February and eventually March when it became a pandemic. I’m assigned at our hospital’s COVID-19 Response Unit, taking care of patients who are either Person’s Under Investigation or positive COVID-19 patients. When the region came under lockdown, I pack 2 to 3 sets of gears in case I need to sleep at the hospital or extend my shifts. More and more of my colleagues are being quarantined. Other hospitals have doctors either dying or have passed due to COVID-19.”

Neil Burt | Nominated by Nadia Lovell | United Kingdom

“Police officer with hugely depleted shift working far more hours than he should to help community stay safe during these difficult times. He faces threats and abuse daily yet happily pops along on his bike to work daily.”

Jolene C Simko | Kingston, ON, Canada

“I help run a weekly Sunday Farmers Market. There was a great amount of uncertainty as to whether or not we would be able to continue to operate. Over 500 families in our area rely on our market for a significant portion of their groceries. For the last 10 days, myself, and my colleagues have been working non-stop to launch an online store representing 23 small businesses who relied on us to bring their products to the market place. This task required no less than logistical gymnastics as we not only built and managed the online store on behalf of our members, developed all the accompanying messaging and graphics, we developed a whole new health & safety, distancing, and sanitation protocol in a new location for aggregating and packing orders – – something we were never trained to do. All with a team of three, with occasional support from board members and volunteers. We are arranging free deliveries for those unable to leave their homes. We are looking forward to keeping the local food community spirit alive – – and in so doing, ensure that fresh local food is available to families in our region. Before the open air market closed, we received over 1000 visitors each week.” (@memorialmarket)

Memorial Market - Sunday Farmer's Market - Kingston

Heather Tempelman | Nominated by Alex Tempelman | Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

“She is an ICU nurse in Northwestern Ontario, working hard and picking up shifts to help prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s the best!”

Cori Hompesch | Brooklyn, NY, USA

“Working as a labor and delivery nurse in a community hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Continuing to serve and advocate for pregnant women, babies and families through the pandemic.”

John Girten | Denver, CO, USA

“I work as a hospital chaplain on Palliative Care Team. We are having to continue to meet with families and patients when they are able to discuss end of life issues. These are both Covid 19 patients and others like Cancer, Heart Disease. We have seen a huge influx of Covid 19 patients, since no visitors are allowed in our hospital, we are calling very worried, upset patients and family that are in isolation and don’t understand why they cannot see the patients. Staff is very anxious about getting Covid-19 and so we are having to support these staff members”

Dr. Anuprita Daddi, Mumbai. | Nominated by Vijay Malhotra | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

“Dr. Anuprita Daddi is a primary care physician at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and cycles to work. She is risking her life during this lockdown period in India and attends to patients. Its a selfless effort, putting “Nation First” at this hour of crises. Am glad you have decided to extend gratitude. On 1st April, I will be publishing a blog about her story on my site , a small way of saying thank you to her. If you would like to contribute in some way, you are welcome. Thank you and stay at home. We will pass this difficult time.” (@pedalandtringtring) Read her story.

Sofia Rudin | Nominated by Cassie Sutten Coats | Providence, RI, USA

“Sofia is an editor/reporter at the local public radio station in Providence, RI. Sofia works countless, often invisible hours to ensure that the communities along the South Coast of New England have up-to-date, accurate information about COVID-19. Much of her job is coordinating reporters at the station, managing web content, and reporting on the community impacts of the virus and how people are making it through this time. Her drive to tell the story as it is unfolding is admirable, as is her vision for showcasing the power of community solidarity and response through audio. Every day brings new urgency in an often thankless profession that competes against social media for the public’s attention. Sofia has always worked hard to air stories of global impact through the lens of local journalism, and now is different only in that not only does she cover the impact for her profession, she lives the impact in daily life and is therefore always on the clock, always thinking about what’s next, always working on increasing accessibility to quality, factual reporting. Among these are stories from hospitals and community centers, from grocery stores and restaurants, and even from virtual gyms and neighborhood sing alongs. Without this kind of reporting and the careful coordination and efforts behind it, we could not even begin to fathom the extent of global impact this crisis has, and in it’s own way, that kind of understanding can bring us peace is knowledge and solidarity in a time where many of us also feel alone.”

Steven Namocatcat | Nominated by Angela Namocatcat | Edmonton, AB, Canada

“My husband works as a Respiratory Therapist at Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton AB.” (@stevenamo)

Bike Commuter - Steven Namocatcat

Cynthia Roldan | Nominated by Carole | Longueuil, Québec, Canada

“Elle travaille auprès des enfants dont les parents ont un travail essentiel au fonctionnement du système postal, police, hospitalier etc.”

Joanie McRury | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I am a nurse at Children’s Hospital and continue to help patients and families by either seeing urgent cases in our clinic, rescheduling patients via phone or Skype so that their care can move forward during this difficult time. @joaniemcrury”

Stephanie Webster | Nominated by Micaela Wong | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Stephanie is a good friend of mine who works as a (RN) nurse at Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Hospital in BC, Canada. She religiously bikes to work all year round, even in the snow. She is always taking overtime and extra shifts because her hospital is so notoriously short staffed. If any nurse out there is in need of a handy bag to strap on her bike to take to work, it’s her!”

Heidi Janson | Tyler Campbell | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Heidi is an ICU nurse that got called back from sabbatical early to help keep the hospital staffed properly. She rides to work every day she can, even in winter with studded winter tires.”

Jessica Noble | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Doing daily in-person screening for all patient at BC Cancer to minimize the number of patients with active symptoms coming into the Cancer treatment clinic”

Josee-Anne Le Dorze | Nominated by Tim Smith | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“She is a front line community pharmacist, managing drug supply, ensuring clients get medications, screening clients and answering questions.”

Michael Davis | Nominated by Rui Vieira | Toronto, ON, Canada

“Two Kids, he’s Asthmatic and he still riding his bike every day to work a 12 hour shift at the grocery store. Even offered to drop some essentials for friends so they don’t have to go. Very selfless individual who wants to make sure the store is running and we stop this COVID madness.”

Jill Rusen | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Nurse working at the center for disease control doing contact tracing for Covid19”

Dave Albertan | Nominated by Jen Webster | Kingston, ON, Canada

“This nominee is a RN working in the frontlines of Covid-19”

Zack MacGregor | Saskatoon, SK, Canada

“I work IT for a local Credit Union. We’ve been working like crazy to setup remote access for everyone so they can safely work from home.”

Bike Commuter Frontline Worker - Zack MacGregor

Mrs Nickels | Nominated by Kimberly Howard | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“As an elementary School teacher and while schools are closed we are all banding together to continue our hot lunch program for vulnerable students and all the teachers are hustling their butts to figure out how to provide ongoing learning opportunities once schools open Monday. As a school with a very at risk population this is extra challenging as not all our families have computer or Internet access. Mrs Nickels rides rain or shine. I currently have one of your commuter bags and I think she would love it too!”

Portia Collette | Nominated by Cori Hompesch | Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

“She is an ER nurse in a small rural city in Alaska. She is working on the front lines of the pandemic saving lives everyday, risking her own well being to help others.”

Lisa Thacker | Nominated by Alison Hill | Toronto, ON, Canada

“Catching babies! (Midwife)”

Hillary Johnstone | Nominated by Alison Hill | Toronto, ON, Canada

“Midwife delivering babies”

Rita Buschwitz | Nominated by Lesley Anderson | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Rita is a Victim Services social worker with Family Services of Greater Vancouver,/VPD. She supports women who are victims of domestic abuse, in crisis and with ongoing counselling and referral services.”

Christopher Roper | Celebration

“Not as important as healthcare workers but keeping information lines open between public library and patrons.”

Eric San Pam | Nominated by Charles latulippe | Saint Hubert, Quebec, Canada

“Doing clerical work for criminal investigations”

Anna Blackford | PONDERAY, Idaho USA

“Working in primary care and triaging patients in the right direction.”

Sonam Maghera | Ottawa, ON, Canada

“I am a 2nd year Resident Physician who is working in the forefront of the pandemic in Ottawa. While my background is in sports medicine/family medicine, all trainees are being deployed to front lines to assist with increased patient load. Our final college exams have been post-poned in the face of this epidemic to allow for us to help provide extra resources during this difficult time.This means ICUs, Emergency departments, and even COVID assessment clinics. I am using my bike as a means for transportation has it is one of the only ways I can get physical activity in my day while working extremely long hours. I would be very appreciative of your bags to help with this commute :)”

Debbie Johannesen | Nominated by Judy Gerein | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Debbie works at Children and/or Women’s Hospitals in Vancouver.”

Curtis Williams | Nominated by Samantha barnes | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Curtis is a resident doctor working on the COVID floor at Vancouver general hospital. He’s got an amazing positive attitude and outlook on life, and I’m sure he will be keeping spirits high amongst patients and staff.”

Ted NOGA | Winnipeg, MB, Canada

“I am working each day keeping the I/T systems up and running. For the first part of the Pandemic, I was riding every day to work.” Now, I’m asked to work at home but I still ride each day …”

Sheila Polard | BC, Canada

“I work in a Longterm care facility, caring for the residents at our center (george pearson)”

Derek Cheung | Vancouer, BC, Canada

“Driving public transit bus in Vancouver to keep other essential workers moving”

Kevin Little | Nominated by Taylor Massey | Atlanta, GA, USA

“Kevin is an ER doc who is going in every day and is confronting this problem head on.”

Lane Ringer | Nominated by Taylor Massey | Atlanta, GA, USA

“Lane bikes in everyday to the hospital where she works as a PA. She never complains and wants nothing more than to bike and help people.”

Caitlin Hanna | Nominated by Ellie Lambert | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“She is an occupational therapist who has stepped up to work on the acute ward at VCH caring for those most at risk and keeping them safe”

Shift Delivery | Nominated by Marc | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Anyone at Shift delivery – we currently serve the SRO with meals in a dangerous enviroment , and we do food deliveries to residential areas” (@shiftdelivery)

Shift Delivery - Bicycle transport

Véronique Juneau | Nominated by Jean-Philippe Tremblay | Gatineau, Québec, Canada

“She raised her hand to work with the public health team to investigates the persons that were in contact with a covid-19 infected people.”

Anna Brauser | Nominated by Tom Brauser | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Anna is an Intensive Care (ICU) nurse educator at Children’s Hospital who is setting up all the new COVID care and safety protocols for the ICU, and is training the ICU staff on these. They are putting plans in place to support other hospitals in the event of them being overwhelmed with cases. She has two small children that she is spending less time with as she is working a lot of extra hours.”

Dr Sion Gibby | Nominated by William Dafydd Gibby | Monmouth, Wales, UK

“My brother Sion is a GP medic and is working long days every day to dry and help everyone in this pandemic. He cycles to his medical practice and though he has a young family, he works 7 days a week. This would really be a lovely gesture for such a hard worker who loves his family, looking after his patients as best as he can and cycling”

Giulio Delle Nuvole Piccioli | Nominated by Karen E Lloyd | Daajing Giids (Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii)

“There are many people on Haida Gwaii who cannot go out to pick up meals at this time. This service provides healthy wholesome meals for a reasonable price with bicycle home delivery or pick up.” (–7zpsw-db5zl)

Erin Waslen & Candace Taylor | Calgary, AB, Canada

“Myself and my work wife Candace Taylor. We bike commute from downtown together. We are nurses in ICU at the Foothills.”

Erin Waslen | Nominated by Christa Beach | Calgary, AB, Canada

“She is an ICU nurse”

Alain Sylvestre | Longueuil, Québec, Canada

“Working full time at the Integrated center for health and social services of the province of Quebec (Local CLSC) to support people who need psychological services”

Heather Harvey | Nominated by Patrick Meehan | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Heather works for a bicycle delivery company that does bulk delivery, including delivering food to organizations that prep it and deliver it to homeless shelters and social housing. She’s been a longtime cyclist by choice and recently started this job cycling for work. The company pays as well as it can, but it’s still delivery wages, so she would be hugely appreciative of these bags!”

Mary Hockley | Evans, CO, USA

“I am a Registered Nurse at North Colorado Medical Center.”

Dr. Darren Markland | Nominated by Alan Schietzsch | Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Dr. Darren Markland is an ICU Emergency physician on the front line at Royal Alexandra Hospital in downtown Edmonton. He is an outstanding doctor as well as a leading figure in bike advocacy for health and mental heath in Alberta. I can think of no-one more deserving, as he deals with the most serious medical cases, while still active supporting cycling in our province and riding to work at the hospital all year round, no matter what the conditions.”

Maia James-Tidwell | San Rafael, CA, USA

I manage the Corona Virus Med Surg Nursing Floor at my local hospital. Every day I am doing my best to help calm to panic, dole out and manage the PPE that is regularly growing wings and walking off, as well as care for patients who have a novel deadly disease. I also try to keep myself healthy because I want to be around for my kids. I bike to work and try to get my kids out biking daily so as to keep our lungs healthy.

Bruce Tidwell | Nominated by Maia James-Tidwell | San Rafael, CA, USA

“Bruce is a Nurse that is taking care of patients during this tough time. He is involved in the cardiac cath lab, the place you go when you are having a heart attack. Despite the COVID emergency, he is still working with very sick people on a daily basis.”

Curtis Robichaud | Nominated by Catherine Robichaud | St. Anthony, NL, Canada

“He’s an Occupational Therapist that is working full time in the hospital to help all the patients there.”

Alan Scales | Nominated by Reid Hemsing | Burnaby, BC, Canada

“Thank you for your recognition initiative. Our services, garbage & recycling collection, are one of the essential services provided by the City of Burnaby. I am a year round cyclist and appreciate your initiative. I won’t be nominating myself, as there are far more deserving riders out there. I consider myself fortunate to be working in an essential service and being able to contribute to and support my community during this challenging time.”

Naomi Watt | Nominated by Tara | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Nurse in addiction”

Reith Hislop | Nominated by Tara | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“X-ray tech children’s hospital”

Matt Pucsek | Nominated by Matthew Justice | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Works at local hospital doing MRI scans, including people with a risk of having Covid-19”

Daniel Fantis | Nominated by Matteo l Auteri | Columbus, Indiana, USA

“He bikes 10 miles to work everyday, and he makes the plastic parts for hand sanitizer bottles.”

Matthew Shiel | Nominated by Carolyn Shiel | Pittsburgh, PA, USA

“My husband Matt is a pediatric hematology and oncology physician.”

Katie O’Brien | Nominated by Glenda Laxton | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Katie is my clinic manager and is dealing with all my patients and their need in this difficult time as we switch to telemedicine She is always pleasant to everyone even the difficult ones in this crazy time. She rides her bike every day to the clinic(rain or shine) and always arrives with a smile on her face. She deserves this!”

Carley Granger | Nominated by Josh | Nova Scotia, Canada

“Frontline nurse, neonatal ICU”

Trey Henderson | Nominated by Danika Henderson | Covington Louisiana, USA

“My husband is a ER/ICU nurse working extremely hard to care for the people in our community during this difficult time. He works long hours with a smile and usually a corny joke or two. Cycling is a stress reliever for him!”

Glenowyn Calson | Nominated by Rhonda Lynn Callender | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Resident Care Worker”

Tracey Probst | Nominated by Rob Probst | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Tracey is a respiratory assistant aid at Children’s Hospital and rides her bike to work all year”

Kevin Kwan | Nominated by Rob Probst | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Even though Kevin is hearing impaired and now has eye problems he rides his bike to work everyday at Canada Post as a letter carrier”

Rob Probst | Nominated by Tracey Probst | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Rob works for the post office delivering mail and packages to Vancouver General Hospital. As well as many packages to people at home”

Karwen Tsan | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Registered nurse working in the icu for st paul hospital in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Rides bike every day to work, extended hours. Takes care of patients who is covid positive, helping them thru the medical system and health ailments so they can get better thru their illness.”

Tina Wong | London, UK

“Working in hospital pharmacy”

Ian Strand | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I am only helping my family. I am a firefighter on the DTES and I’ve sent my partner and my daughter to Nelson while this is in the acute stages, and I am home alone on days off with nothing to do except ride my bike. I’m not trying to tell you a sob story! Everyone is struggling.” (bigdawgstrandypants)

Ian Strand | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Stephanie Jenniches | Nominated by Sam Jenniches | San Francisco, CA, USA

“My wife is a nurse practitioner at the UCSF reproductive clinic. As soon as a request from UCSF came for folks to staff the new Respiratory Clinic to triage for symptoms of COVID-19, she volunteered, despite having a history of mild asthma. She has temporarily transferred to this clinic full-time. She has experience in urgent care and ERs and got into medicine to step up at times like these. Usually a full time bike commuter, she’s riding about 50% right now, but that will likely go back up. Through her network, she’s also working to connect mask-makers and others with supplies to places in need.” (@samonid)

Tracie Scott | Nominated by Dea-Anne Sandrk | Sidney, BC, Canada

“She is an amazing team player. She is always helping others with their workload and supportive. Even keeled personality and fun to work alongside. Their is comfort knowing you are working with Tracie. She’s knowledgeable and hardworking.”

Matthew Shiel | Pittsburgh, PA, USA

“Physician working in the pediatric cancer hospital working with immunosuppressed children. cancer doesn’t stop for a pandemic.”

Doug Baron | Nominated by Megan Arneson | Calgary, AB, Canada

“This physical therapist works at the Alberta Childrens Hospital full time. He rides daily (no matter how cold) and is an advocate encouraging others to ride. He previously rode competitively and coached/rode with blind riders at a high level.”

Miwa Nishimoto | Nominated by Michael Holm | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“She looks after her family and is currently working a night shift at the Vancouver General Hospital operating room. She comes home and looks after everyone in the morning too.”

Ashley Mar | San Francisco, CA, USA

“I work as a clinical laboratory scientist in a hospital lab that has already been understaffed for years. While many of my coworkers have been calling out sick or getting doctor’s notes to excuse them from work and exacerbate our staffing situation, I continue to go to work every day to run tests and put out results for diagnosing and treating our patients, whether or not they have COVID-19. We currently send all COVID testing to our partner labs, but are working actively to validate a test here that will enable us to get important results to doctors in under 30 minutes, ideally saving lives and conserving vital personal protective equipment. I have been biking to this job since I started, but I love that it gets me ready to jump in every morning, and now it limits my exposure to germs that could make me sick since I don’t have to take the bus!”

Robin Schmidt | Nominated by Dante | Portland, OR, USA

“She works at OHSU which happens to be one of the biggest hospitals in Oregon. She’s not a nurse but her Dept is basically on the Frontline while helping nurses.”

Tracy Scott | Nominated by Rhonda Lynn Callender | Victoria, BC, Canada


Tim Perkins | Nominated by Rhonda Lynn Callender | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Health Care Assistant”

Reid Caldwell | Nominated by Rhonda Lynn Callender | Victoria, BC, Canada


David Albertan | Nominated by Niina | Kingston, ON, Canada

“He is an RN”

Allie Samata | Nominated by James Samata | Chicago Illinois, USA

“My daughter is a nurse at Rush Hospital in Chicago she also is in school full time getting her masters in nursing. She just informed me that they are just receiving there first Covid-19 patients. Like all hospital they are short in protective medical supplies. Which has me worried. She is a avid rider for 15 years. And never had owned a car. I am constantly repairing bikes for her. Chicago streets can be rough. Thank you so much.”

Andrew De La Cruz | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Andrew is a nurse working out of Vancouver’s Three Bridges Community Health Clinic and has become THE strongest user of the Mobi BikeShare during the current Shared Mobility pilot project – more than 4x as many bike trips as the next person! His dedication to efficiently getting around by bike makes him a great leader in the Healthy delivery of Health Care during this difficult time. ANDREW – by Bike!!!”

Bike to work - hygiene - mobi bike share

Anne-Marie Godfrey | North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Working as an Ophthalmic Photographer at the VGH Eye Care Centre for urgent/emergency patients needing eye care during the pandemic.”

Alex Manning | Nominated by Meghan Watchorn | New York, New York, USA

“Dr. Alexandra Manning is working on the front lines of NYC. When she’s not delivering babies, she’s working in the ER department directly with Covid -19 patients. She is doing this all without the proper N95 respirators, as the city is without. She is one of the many super hero’s working to keep us safe.”

Glenowyn Carlson | Nominated by Leah Pritchard | Victoria, BC, Canada

“She works as a care worker helping to support diverse adults in the community.”

Dr. Evan James Roll | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Evan (James) along with his wife Joanna are tremendous bike advocates within the VGH cycling community (& UBC Hospital too). They are all weather cyclists and continue now tht they have two children and continue biking.”

Dr. Joanna MacLean | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Joanna along with her husband Evan are tremendous bike advocates within the VGH cycling community. They are all weather cyclists and continue now that they have two children and continue biking. Dr MacLean also stands out with her cheery presence within Cycling Centre.”

Glenowyn Carlson | Nominated by Harold Carlson | Victoria, BC, Canada

“She is a support worker for people in community living homes.”

Amber Reynolds | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Amber is a Nurse Practitioner and a champion of delivering health care services by bike. Without a car, she leads – and inspires – her colleagues in the downtown area with cycling as the healthy and efficient method of home care. Go Amber!!”

Jaroslava Belava | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Jaroslava is a community health nurse and case manager – and a tireless advocate of sustainable transportation as her way of getting around to see clients in the urban core of downtown. Despite her busy schedule, she has been an active advocate for cycling as we promote cycling, transit and carshare for VCH home. health professionals.”

Stephen Blaxland | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Stephen is a physiotherapist in the urban core of Vancouver – he is an advocate of cycling (and not driving) in delivering home health care. Currently, he is/was an instrumental voice in the current shared mobility program where VCH is a participant.”

Kelsey Snape | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Kelsey – along with Michelle R – are public health nurses and great advocate for cycling to client visits. During this pandemic, Kelsey remains committed to cycling solutions for the health of staff and the community. Her effort, leadership and tenacity are hugely appreciated within the VCH Healthy Transportation Department.”

Michelle Robichaud | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Michelle – along with Kelsey S – are public health nurses and great advocate for cycling to client visits. During this pandemic, Kelsey has enhanced her capability to deliver health care to young children (& young mothers) by leading the call for E-Bike support so that the long week and shift away from clinic visits does not stop her bike-friendly health care delivery. I am in-debited to her efforts to go beyond what was asked in our ongoing shifts to support, enhance and grow the capability of VCH nurses in the community to travel by bike and E-bike. Thank you Michelle”

Rod Tukker | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Dr Tukker is an avid bike commuter who actively promotes cycling amongst his peers as part of physical and mental well-being. At a time like this, the health benefits (& social distancing) of a bike commute is valuable to all the clinical staff at VGH.”

Brad Hughes | Nominated by Rachael Bilby | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Brad is an outpatient healthcare worker in New West, helping get his patients ready to get back to life outside of hospital. Before he and his pregnant wife moved to New West they lived in North Van and he would cycle too and from work most days in the summer! He’s such a huge bike fanatic and volunteers at a bike shop at the weekends. His big heart and infectious positivity is exactly what the world needs in a time of crisis.”

Dr. Silke Cresswell | Nominated by Arthur Orsini | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Dr Cresswell is an avid bike commuter who actively promotes cycling amongst her peers at both VGH and UBC Hospital. Despite the availability of a VGH-UBC shuttle, Silke chooses to cycle frequently. Go Silke!!”

Glenowyn Carlson | Nominated by Judy Carlson | Victoria, BC, Canada

“She improves care for the residents in a Community Living home. Bike commute time is about 1/2 hour each way.”

Glenowyn Carlson | Nominated by Neil Forrest | Victoria, BC, Canada

“Glen is a care worker and only has a bike for transport.”

Jennifer Buchanan | Nominated by Melissa Lai | Vancouver, BC, Canada

“She’s a nurse”

We want to thank everyone for putting forward the amazing nominations. Thank you for recognizing the people making all the difference in the world.

Thank you to all of our frontline workers! We love you!

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