2WG – 2018 Unwrapped

Written by Two Wheel Gear President, Reid Hemsing

It has been quite the year for our little basement startup! Its been a few years since toiling in the basement over every thread and zipper pull, never-the-less, it still feels just as quaint as the way it all started.

We wanted to do a quick look back at some of the milestones passed, a few of struggles that made us stronger and what we are sooooo pumped to see come to life in 2019.

“All Awards Are Stupid” – Jerry Seinfeld

2018 was the first year, Two Wheel Gear started to receive any awards. While our favourite accomplished comedian Jerry, says it like it is, we still are very proud to have received some pretty cool acknowledgement in 2018.

The Small Business BC Awards – Best Marketer Award

This award was no walk in the park. It entailed 3 rounds of separate judgement after the nomination. There was a social voting competition to make the top 10. Then a rigorous

Two Wheel Gear - Best Marketer - Reid Hemsing and Nancy Huangset of questions to provide marketing results to make the Top 5. Finally, it was a 45-minute live pitch in front of a panel of marketing experts, Shark Tank Style.

Our executives in the change room campaign sparked a spirited debate among the judges. One judge was not a fan. A different judge piped up…”See us all arguing here, this is your job as a marketer. To spark conversation and get us interested. You did your job as a marketer. Congratulations.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33ChtCCCiBA]

G20 YEA Delegate for Canada in Buenos Aires, Argentina

While this isn’t so much an award, it is some very notable recognition and one of the highlights of my young career.

There were robot designers, luxury yacht builders, biotech companies and Crypto currency pioneers. The mere fact that Two Wheel Gear is regarded among that peer group is a real testament that the work we do is special.

The Summit outcomes will help influence policy aimed at business and entrepreneurship in the G20 nations. Our top initiative recommendations included:

  1. Promotion of sustainable companies and sustainable development
  2. More inclusive opportunities for entrepreneurship – More funding and programs for female and minority group entrepreneurs (Canada had the largest representation of Female entrepreneurs from all G20 countries!)
  3. Promote networks and less border red tape for international entrepreneurs (the big idea is a special Entrepreneur Visa)

You can read about our major outcomes from the G20 YEA here: https://lnkd.in/gXmx6C4

Thank you to everyone who has supported Two Wheel Gear and helped us make a small but incredible mark in the world!



We have also had the amazing pleasure of presenting at various Entrepreneurship events and classes to promote and teach entrepreneurship including Small Business BC’s My Biz Day, the Global Startup School and various Futurpreneur events!



Kickstarter – Bike Briefcase

First off, THANK YOU BACKERS! We hope you are loving your gear. We made this one for you!

Two Wheel Gear - Kickstarter - Bike BriefcaseKickstarter is not as easy as it looks, that is for sure. The number of spammy services that attack you with their rocket to the moon promises really blew me away. When it comes down to it, it was ONLY the support of our community, friends and family that brought us over the finish the line. The last 3 days of this campaign may have been the longest 3 days of the year.

Thank you for helping us bring another meaningful product to the world and supporting bike commuting around the world! It is a privilege that we get to do this work for you.


Two Wheel Gear Hits Europe

We were more than excited to partner up with Quella Bicycles in 2018 to help distribute our gear across the big pond. With Quella’s help, our EU customers can now order Two Wheel Gear directly online from Quella Bicycles, at Cycle Republic stores in the UK or directly through Amazon on one of our EU marketplaces.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 4.22.21 PM

THE Blog – Intro to Joe Meissner

Aren’t Joe’s posts great?

Two Wheel Gear - Bike commuter in winter

Riding in winter brings a whole new set of challenges.

When we met Joe, Karen and Anna, we immediately were on the same page and loved everything they stand for. I knew they were the perfect conduit for sharing the Two Wheel Gear message and helping to spread the commuting good word.

Look out for more of Joe’s amazing commuter tips and the new segment, 7 Wheels of Separation which shows all the colourful aspects of the different views on 2 wheels that bring us all together.

It really is a wonderful community out there and we need to strengthen and support each other.

First Annual Green Friday / Re-Use It Monday Sale

Two Wheel Gear - Bike Bags - Green Friday Sale Raising money for Charity

This was really special for us. Anyone that has been following our brand for a while knows that we don’t really do sales. Our company is small (which means our scale is small…currently), our quality is high and our inventory is too precious to blow anything out.

However, when the Black Friday buzz came around, I knew there had to be a way for us to be a part of it. But to do GOOD.

That is why, we decided to make good use of our returns from our 30-Day Commuter Guarantee and sell all the slightly used gear at 70% off. We went the step further and donated all proceeds (that is all of the revenue minus what we paid for shipping) to one of the most magical charities we know.

The sale ended up being a great success and we sold out of all our sale gear in the first day raising $1,084.69 for the Dreams Take Flight Foundation. A volunteer-led non-profit organization dedicated to giving physically, mentally & socially challenged kids a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland!

A Legend is joining Two Wheel Gear

Greg Bass Joins Two Wheel Gear

Greg Bass

In 2019, we are ecstatic to announce that Greg Bass will be joining the team at Two Wheel Gear. Greg is a legendary product designer previously working at the likes of Specialized Bicycles, Timbuk2 and The North Face. Greg brings new depth and experience to the 2WG team.

We can’t say all that much at this point, but Greg will be greatly influencing the future of our brand. Greg’s expertise and creativity will be fused into the blood of all things bike commuting at 2WG!

2019 and beyond…Look out!


Greg Bass - Product Design

Sample of some of Greg’s previous design work.

2019 Product Sneak Preview

Ok, here it is folks. This is why you scrolled all the way to the bottom. Without spilling all the beans, here is a small taste of our 2 new additions to the family in 2019 with a middle squeeze of new rack mounting technology.

Pannier Backpack PLUS+

You have been asking for it, and we have been listening. This year we are bringing it. Introducing the Pannier Backpack PLUS+ | More capacity (30 Litres), separated laptop access pocket, new and improved Kompakt Rail Mounting System.


Kompakt Rail Mounting System

All of our bags get a new level of sophistication in mounting in 2019. The new Kompakt Rail Mounting System from Rixen & Kaul works with essentially every bike rack we could find (even E-bikes with an integrated battery in the rack). They are good for 6-16mm bike racks and adjust horizontally with the click of a button. There is also a nifty new center lock that keeps the pannier securely fastened to the rack. More adjustability, faster mounting, and works with every rack under the sun.

Pannier Backpack - Kompakt Rail System (1)

Mini Messenger Handlebar Bag

Say hello to your best new, “little” buddy! An efficiently sized 6 Litre quick release handlebar bag with room for your daily commuting essentials, a complete toolset or up to 10 cans for the Saturday beach party (8 inside and 2 in the outer stretch mesh pockets).





I could continue to write (and write….) but I know it’s the holidays and there are places to visit and good times to be had! We hope you all had one amazing year. We look forward to being a part of your daily commuting ritual (the best part of the day for most of us : ) in 2019 and all the years ahead!


Reid - Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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