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Dear Two Wheel Gear, (A letter from our 3-week, 1,300 km, 6 country bike trip through Europe)

Two Wheel Gear - Bike Commuting through Italy - Rain Gear
Last big climb day in Bosnia. What a trip!

Dear Two Wheel Gear,

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I bike toured through Europe. We spent three weeks biking from Lyon, France to Sarajevo, Bosnia. Generally, when we tour, we take four generic panniers that act as giant sacks. They are great for holding a lot of gear but not too practical for quick access. Additionally, these bags are a nightmare on day trips where you plan to do some walking. They are clunky with no easy way to carry them.

Two Wheel Gear - Europe Bike Trip from Lyon, France to Sarajevo, Bosnia

1,300 km Europe Bike Trip from Lyon, France to Sarajevo, Bosnia

Two Wheel Gear - Europe Bike Trip from Lyon, France to Sarajevo, Bosnia - Bike Touring

Exploring Ferrara Italy. First day no rain.

Our current panniers are great for biking with a lot of gear and have worked well in the past but this trip was going to be different. Over the last few years, I have slowly been using more and more Two Wheel Gear in my daily life. So, it just made sense to use the pannier convertible backpack on this trip.

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack Convertible - Bike Touring France to Bosnia

Biking to Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.

These panniers were the perfect complement to our other bags. The backpack feature allowed us to enjoy day trips in “luxury.” While on the bike, these panniers were the home to all of our valuables, making it extremely easy to pull out wallets, passports, cameras, charging cords and snacks whenever needed.

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack - Bike Touring from France to Bosnia

Day trip to Plitvice Lakes Croatia

I had two big concerns with the panniers before the trip.

Concern #1: I was worried about lost space and not being able to take as much gear as the convertible panniers are smaller than my normal front rack panniers.

Concern #2: I was unsure how these bags would hold up in days of torrential downpour. Luckily for us, Two Wheel Gear makes a great product and we were about to put these panniers to the test.

Bike touring from France to Bosnia with Two Wheel Gear

Ben and Erika

Early on we learned my first concern was invalid. We may have lost a little space by choosing the backpacks, but that also meant we needed to be better with our packing. This resulted in us eliminating excess weight. Using these bags also allowed us to navigate around multiple airports, train stations and cities with ease.

It was in our second week of biking that we really got to test how the backpacks would hold up in rain. As we biked through Italy we ran into a week of rain. This was not your refreshing early fall rain. Oh no! This was a week of torrential downpour. We are talking about 50-60 mm of rain daily. Europe was flooding, we were biking and our Two Wheel Gear bags were keeping or most valuable possession dry.

Two Wheel Gear - Bike Commuting through Italy - Rain Gear

Just came over the Alps into Italy

I write this letter unsolicited. Not as someone trying to push a pannier or talk about my adventures. I am writing this letter as a proud supporter of Two Wheel Gear and an extremely satisfied customer.

The use of the pannier convertible backpack made our trip that much better and at the end of the day all I really want to say is thanks. Thanks for developing products that allow me to bike around my community as well as the world. Thanks for the amazing customer service. Finally, thanks for not settling on good enough. We used both the newest model of the bag and an older one. Both bags were effective, but the little changes were great additions to the 2018 model. A reflection on Two Wheel Gear’s attention to detail, connection to their products/customers and how they value consumer concerns. Thanks for taking the time to read how your pannier made our trip.


One extremely happy customer (Ben)

Two Wheel Gear - Bike Commuting through Italy - Rain Gear

Last big climb day in Bosnia. What a trip!


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