5 Reasons to Invest in an Electric Bicycle

why invest in an electric bicycle

The electric bicycle has become very popular as a convenient way to get around, but what exactly is it and how is it different from a regular bicycle? We’ll answer these questions and tell you what the best budget electric bike on the market is.

What is an Ebike?

An Ebike, or electric bicycle, is exactly what it sounds like- a bicycle with an electric motor attached to it. The electric motor bike runs on battery power, but only when you want it to. It can function as a regular bicycle when you prefer to pedal unassisted and can be turned to different speeds when you need a boost.

How is an Ebike Really Different from a Conventional Bike?

At its core, an ebike is just a souped-up bicycle that makes it easier and more convenient to ride. The pedals, brakes, and overall feel of an ebike are similar to that of a conventional bike. 

The main differences are that some ebikes do not require you to shift gears (due to the electrical drive system) and have a display screen that shows you battery life and motor speed. Due to the added motor, electric bicycles are heavier, which takes a little getting used to if you have only ever ridden a conventional bike.

Benefits of Ebike Riding

When deciding between an electric bike and a conventional one, there are some benefits of bike riding an ebike to consider. Here are five reasons to invest in an electric bicycle:

  • Electric bikes let you arrive at work without being drenched in sweat

Cycle commuters know what it’s like to show up to a meeting with sweat stains on their clothing. Not everyone has the luxury of a shower at the office! Ebikes let you stay cooler as you cruise the streets by letting you pedal only as much as you want to.


  • Electric bicycles get you where you need to go faster

When you’re using your bike to commute, you need to get to places on time. An electric bicycle gives you an edge since you can quickly zip up hills and travel in bike lanes, including shortcutting through parks. You can also go further on your rides.

benefits of riding an e bike

  • Ebikes are Energy efficient compared to scooters and larger vehicles

Electric bikes don’t release emissions and don’t rely on fossil fuels, making them an environmentally friendlier alternative to vehicles.


  •  Electric motor bikes may be safer for riding in traffic 

An electric bicycle allows you to match the speed of vehicle traffic, meaning you can go with the flow much easier.


  • Electric bikes are a great introduction to cycling for those reluctant to cycle

Ebikes are easier to ride than conventional bicycles,  making the health benefits of cycling accessible for people who are not so active or have physical impediments. Many ebikes have a battery-powered pedal assistance feature that makes it easier to pedal.


Now that we’ve seen some benefits of ebike riding, you might be wondering what the best budget electric bike is…

Best Budget Electric Bikes Available in the Market Today

Whether you’re looking for the fastest ebike, a small ebike, or anything else, budget is probably a consideration. Electric bicycles are not cheap but can be well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for speed, you will have to shell out more money. The Delfast Top 3.0 is the fastest electric bike in the world, but it comes at a premium due to the high-end battery.

Some more affordable models great for commuting include:

  • MiRider One
  • Rad Power RadMission 1
  • E-Trends Trekker
  • Pure Flux One

best budget electric bikes

The Bike Bag or Bike Gear to Fit Your Ebike

Once you’ve chosen the best budget electric bike for you, you’ll want to get the right bag for your bike so that you can carry all the essentials with you on your ride. Keeping your things in a sturdy and stylish bag that hangs at the center of your bike will keep you safe and prepared for anything! 

Looking for bags to work with you new Ebike? Almost all Two Wheel Gear bags will work great with any number of Ebikes out there. Take your E-Powered accessories to the next level, with our new Alpha Bag Series featuring Bluetooth connection to your phone, charging capability and location tracking features.

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