5 Reasons Why Cycling is Good for the Environment- Even More Than an Electric Car

cycling is better than electric car for the environment

There’s a lot of buzz about electric cars these days, but we want to talk about why cycling is good for the environment. Find out why a cycling carbon footprint is even lower than that of electric cars and what gear makes great gifts for bike riders.

What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas (such as carbon dioxide) that are released into the environment because of our actions. You can calculate your own carbon footprint or calculate it for companies and even products.

How do our Choices and Purchases Impact Carbon Footprint?

Everything you buy and do has a carbon footprint. Think about the lifecycle of any item in your home, like a bike pannier rack, for example. All the materials that went into the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of the bike pannier required energy and processes that resulted in greenhouse gas emissions.

How you choose to travel has a huge impact on your carbon footprint. There’s a big difference between using a gas-guzzling SUV to get to work and taking public transit or riding a bike. By making more conscious choices each day, you can learn how to reduce carbon footprint.

cycling is better for environment

How to Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Now that you know what carbon footprint is, you’re probably wondering what’s the most effective way to reduce it. Use bicycle to save the environment? Or are electric cars better for the environment?

Are Electric Cars Better for the Environment? Or Bikes?

Health benefits of biking aside, the benefits to the environment are huge. While electric cars are good for the environment compared to fossil fuel vehicles, they still require mining of raw materials and the production of electricity.

cycling in nature

A study of why is riding a bike good for the environment found that when comparing the life cycle of biking compared to driving cars, emissions from cycling are more than 30 times lower for each trip than a fossil fuel car, and about 10 times lower than driving an electric car.

This is Why riding a Bike is Good for the Environment

Here are the top 5 reasons why cycling is good for the environment:

  • Less energy goes into manufacturing a bike than an electric car

Cars require mining of metals to create batteries and a huge number of resources for manufacturing, maintenance, and disposal. 

  • The only fuel your bike needs is the calories you burn while riding

No fossil fuels go into powering your bike for your daily commutes! Plus, this saves you a lot of money that you can spend on bike gifts for friends instead of on gas.

  • Your bike doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases (even though you do)

Another reason biking is good for the environment is that there are no toxic exhaust fumes coming from your bike- just your own breath.

  • Bikes are easier on the roads, meaning the infrastructure lasts longer

Heavy motor vehicles break down concrete roads over time, meaning more resources (and larger carbon footprint) are involved with road maintenance.

  • More bicycles mean less road congestion and more green space

If more people use bicycles to save the environment, there’s less space needed for concrete roads and more space for plants in urban areas.

cycling protects the environment more than an electric car

The Environmental Ethos Behind All Things Two Wheel Gear

Now that you know why biking is good for the environment, we want you to know how committed we are to reducing our carbon footprint at Two Wheel Gear. We have a number of sustainability practices, including manufacturing our bicycle bags in a Bluesign certified factory and selling used bicycle bags through our Green Friday promotions.

Our entire line of products, including bicycle rear baskets, bike pannier bags, pannier backpacks and more- is created to encourage more people to use cycling as their means of transport. We’ve got so many great gifts for bike lovers looking to reduce their carbon footprint…

Here’s the Gear You Will Need to Take This Environmentally Healthy Step

Cycling is good for the environment and we’ve got the gear you need to make sure you can forego the electric car and embrace this mode of transport instead.

We’ve got any kind of bicycle bag you could need, including: 

Got a friend who is on the fence about commuting by bicycle? Get one of these biker gifts for him to encourage him to hop on that bike for a lower cycling carbon footprint.


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