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A Smooth Bike Ride with a Garment Storage Bag? Yes, it’s Possible

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A Smooth Bike Ride with a Garment Storage Bag? Yes, it’s Possible

As a professional, you sometimes need to dress the part- which can get a bit challenging if you’re cycling to work. You don’t want to turn up to your big presentation in a sweat-soaked or mud-splashed suit. Not to worry- a garment storage bag is the answer!

3 Occasions You Might End Up Cycling in A Suit


We’ve all been there- we’ve got somewhere to go and cycling in a suit seems like a good idea. Here are three occasions you might end up cycling in a suit:

  • Cycling to work in a suit 

This is probably the most common scenario. You commute to work by bicycle and are running late, so you decide to get dressed and hop on the bike to make it to that meeting on time.

  • Cycling in a suit to a wedding 

A friend’s wedding only a few blocks away? Why not put on your best suit and jump on the bike to get there. You don’t have to worry about parking and can have as many drinks as you like!

  • Cycling in a suit to a nearby event

Maybe you’ve got a nice dinner, business happy hour, or fundraiser to get to. Whatever the event if it’s not far, why not commute by bike, right?

The only problem is, how to keep your suit looking clean and wrinkle-free…

3 Tips for Cycling to Work in A Suit (and Keeping Yourself and Your Suit Safe)

  • The best tip for cycling to work in a suit: Don’t! 

Cycling to work in a suit may be okay in perfect weather, but you don’t want to risk turning up in a sweaty suit with wrinkles or scuff marks on your pants. 

  • Use a bike rear rack bag, bike trunk bag, or bike saddle bag to carry your suit

Store your suit in a waterproof bike bag to make sure it stays free of mud, water, and dirt during your commute. 

  • Even better, use a suit bag, or a garment storage bag specifically designed to keep an outfit wrinkle-free

Why settle for a regular bike saddle bag when you can get a special garment storage bag that will make sure your suit stays in top condition throughout your commute?

Hello Bike Saddle Bag: Stay Looking Crisp in These Bike Panniers

There are many types of bags you can use for cycling to work. All of them increase your chances of keeping your suit dry and clean during a commute. But all bags are not created equal.

A bike trunk bag is usually smaller than bicycle panniers, so is not good enough for carrying a suit (unless you want to roll it into a ball and stuff it in there). If you’re new to commuting by bike, you might be wondering what is a pannier bag?

What is a Pannier Bag?

Bike panniers, also known as bike rear rack bags, are a convenient way to store your things while riding your bicycle. Unlike a backpack, which makes your back sweaty and may affect your balance as you ride, bicycle panniers provide a safe, easy way to carry extra weight. 

Bike panniers are more convenient than bike saddle bags, which are usually heavier and meant to stay on the bike. Bike panniers are lighter weight and have straps so they can be removed and carried around easily. But you don’t want just any old bicycle panniers for cycling in a suit…

The Only Suit Bag for Your Suit and Bike

Luckily, there is a special garment storage bag for your suit. Ride without wrinkles with this Garment Pannier that fits right into your bicycle panniers. This suit bag is designed with bike commuting in mind and can double as a carry-on for business travel too!

Commuting by bike and looking stylish when you arrive at your destination is possible with the right garment storage bag. Now you know that instead of cycling to work in a suit, you can cycle to work with your suit- if you have the right suit bag!

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