Christmas Commuter Picks 2017

1. Smart Halo – $149 USD

Ideal for any techy bike commuter. This sleek brain for your bike is synched with your navigation, is your personal anti-theft system, and data-gathering machine. We put the gadget to the test for six weeks to find out whether or not it’s worth it.

Buy online or at the Apple store.

Smart Halo Map Two Wheel Gear



2. Duer ‘No Sweat Pant’ (Cycling Chinos) – $130 CAD

The question has always been what to wear commuting when it becomes too chilly for shorts. In the past, there haven’t been a lot of great options. Insulated, reflective commuting pants are good for when the snow is on the ground but you still feel like a dork. I truly attest to Duer. These are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. I own 4 pairs now and struggle not to only wear these every day of the week (with my now more lax corporate dress code :). I go directly from the bike into meetings with these (sometimes even wear a sport coat with them). The slight stretch makes it extremely easy to commute, and keep an active pace. The special horizontal crotch seam makes it impossible to split your pants. No more days working in your emergency gym shorts stashed in your desk (I’ve seen it).

Pick up a pair from their online store or swing by their Gastown location (around the corner from 2WG).

Duer Pants


3. FourSigmatic Mushroom Coffee – $15 USD

I first discovered Mushroom Coffee through the Tim Ferris podcast and took the plunge to try a two-month supply with his promo codeTIM.” I wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to the flavour, but it actually tastes delicious! It has some slight earthy tones but is not overly-mushroom flavoured. It’s the perfect afternoon coffee to get you stimulated and keep you in the zone. It is fused with chaga mushrooms and lions mane. Ingredients renowned for their power of focus and energy.

Available in instant packs.



4. Military Waxed Canvas Pannier Backpack Convertible – $169 USD

The ultimate gift for the special cyclist in your life, now in limited edition navy waxed canvas (we had to throw in one of our own)…and right now this our favourite bag in our lineup. This hybrid bike bag converts from Pannier to Backpack. Designed for commuting to work, campus and really is the highest level of quality backpacks you can find. Fit for a tsunami, bullet-proof durability, and switches between pannier and backpack in seconds.

Order from our website or come by for a beer at our Vancouver office!

Pannier Backpack Navy Coffee Shop 2-2



5. Swell Bottle – $25 USD

Office-approved coffee and water vessel. Stays hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours. These have been out for a few years but…now you can even nab one at Costco for $29.99 CAD. I received one for Christmas 2 years ago and bought several more since. Great addition to the commuter setup that can be used on the commute and in the cubicle.

Keep your spiced Macchiato warm this season in a Swell Bottle.




6. Castelli Spettacolo Gloves – $70 USD

I’ve been wearing these commuting for five years now and they’re still going strong. They are the perfect shoulder season (spring/fall) riding gloves. Made with moisture-wicking, Wind Stopper tech from Gore-tex and 40 gram Thinsulate insulation. Its like a soft and cozy form fitting glove blended with technical neoprene features. Highly recommend.

Buy it at MEC ($95 CAD), or Competitive Cyclist ($70 USD).

Spettacolo Gloves.jpg


7. Shimano AM5 Gravity Shoes – $78 USD & PD-M647 Pedals – $60 USD

I use these shoes and pedals every day, and think they’re pretty awesome. Clipless shoes/pedals are a hot topic with half cut group of bike commuters at the pub so take em’ or leave em’. If taking them, consider these. They have boosted my commute. Read my blog post for the full detailed review.

Order the shoes and pedals online or go support your local bike shop.




8. Pruvit Keto/OS Max – $130 USD for 20 servings

I use these before every intense workout and sometimes just for boosting my day (but they are a bit pricey). They produce a great deal of energy and gets your body into a state of ketosis which allows you to burn fat cells instead of carbs. I personally like the ones with caffeine, but caffeine-free options are also available. It feels like I have superpowers when I hit the bi-weekly spin class around the corner from my office. I really notice when I don’t use them. Listen to this Tim Ferris podcast for a better explanation of all the benefits of ketones and the ketogenic diet.

Buy it online.

Pruvit Ketones.png


9. Backpack Rain Cover – $19 USD

As mom used to say, “you need another layer!” If you don’t already have Two Wheel Gear, don’t leave your regular backpack bare to the elements when it gets soggy. Put a rain cover on it. Ours is designed for our 24L Pannier Backpack, but adjusts to fit on most mid-sized packs. The drawstring pulls tight around bag once covered and can be used with panniers or backpacks. The fluorescent green keeps you visible with reflective accents and there is even an extra loop to attach a flashing light.

Order from our website or come by for a beer at our Vancouver office!


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  1. I would love to see a handlebar bag similar to my worn out Timbuck2. Same graphite tweed as the pannier. Big enough for a cellphone, wallet, a few other small esential. Easy to remove, and with an easy to tuck away shoulder strap.

    1. Hi Nina! Did you see this sneak peak post of what we have coming out???

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