Discover Canada with the Right Travel Bag

Discover Canada by bike

Long-distance bike rides are one of the best ways to discover Canada, especially when you have the ideal travel bag. Lucky for you, we can tell you the best cycling cities in Canada and the ideal bike seat bag, frame bag, or backpack for travel.


What are the Best Cycling Cities in Canada?


There’s no better way to discover Canada than on two wheels, so that you can take in the sights, sounds, and smells with no barrier between you and your surroundings.  

Once you’ve got the right bicycle storage bag, you can hit the road to explore Canada’s many cycle-friendly cities. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Vancouver

Okay, we may be a little biased towards the beautiful city where we’re based. But there’s no disputing how stunning it is, and the great network of bike lanes makes it ideal for long distance bike rides. Highlights of cycling in Vancouver are the ocean-side paths and mountain views –make sure you’ve got a camera packed in your travel bag.


  • Victoria

BC’s capital is another one of the best cycling cities in Canada, especially because you can bike here year-round thanks to the mild weather. As long as you’ve got the right rain gear and waterproof bicycle seat bag or bicycle frame bag, you’re good to go.


  • Montreal 

The great cycling infrastructure in this city makes it a great place to explore by bike. Admire the unique blend of historic and modern architecture from your two-wheel point of view and stop to enjoy the fantastic cafés the city has to offer. You may not even need to stash any snacks in your bike pouch or under seat bike bag!

Discovering Canada: Beyond the Cities

the best travel bag to discover canada by bike

Cities are fun, but the best place for long-distance bike rides is between them. If you’re like us, you want to spend some time riding through natural scenery with the rural landscapes, less traffic, and cleaner air that comes with it.


Where Should I Go Next? The Safest Cycling Routes Across Canada


Canada has a huge variety to offer in terms of landscapes and difficulty for long-distance bike rides. Here are a few incredible bike trips to add to your biking bucket list as you discover Canada:

  • Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec

If you’re looking for a leisurely 3 to 4-day bike trip with rural scenery, then this is a great option. The Blueberry Route is made up of 256 km of bike trails and small roads with idyllic views complete with wild blueberries, canola fields, and quaint churches. 


  • Icefields Parkway, Alberta

This epic 290km bike ride between Jasper and Banff is one of the most beautiful routes on the planet. Sure, you must share the road with vehicles, but the towering Canadian Rockies and glacial lake views will ensure you barely notice. Keep an eye out for mountain goats and be sure to keep bear spray in your bike seat pack


  • Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

This challenging 300 km loop around the northern tip of Cape Breton is worth it for the views. You’ll ride through a national park and discover Acadian and Gaelic culture as well as test your fitness on some very steep climbs. Keep a camera handy in your small bike bag so you can capture the memories.


Now that you know some of the best cycling cities in Canada, we’ve also got the perfect bicycle storage bags for your trip.


Two Wheel Gear’s Perfect Backpack for Travel

best travel bag for cycling

While you’re out discovering Canada, you want to make sure you’ve got the best backpack for travel. You can’t go wrong with a cycling bag from Two Wheel Gear. 

We’ve got plenty of options for a traveling bag – complete with waterproof material, reflective details to keep you safe, and padding to protect your valuables.


The Right Travelling Bag Storage and Accessories for your Long Distance Bike Rides


You’ve got some great suggestions for where to go- now what about what to take with you? We have some tips on everything you need for your long distance bike rides, including the best travel bag.


When you’re out discovering Canada on a long ride, you need to keep some replacement parts and accessories with you in your traveling bag since you might not have easy access to a bike shop while on the road.

No matter what frame bike bag, bike seat pack, or bicycle storage bag you choose, stay safe and have fun out there!


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