Everything You Want to Know About Bikes and Cycling, But Never Really Asked

Everything You Want to Know About Bikes and Cycling

Have you recently gotten into cycling and are wondering what is everything to know about bikes? Well, we’ve got answers to all your cycling questions, so read on!

All Your Cycling Questions, Answered


There are a lot of things to know about bikes, but your questions might be different depending on whether you’re looking to get into cycling for fitness and recreation, competition, or commuting. We’ll cover some common cycling questions relevant to all these.


Cycling as a Hobby Questions? Also Answered


If you’re thinking about taking up cycling in your spare time, then you’ve probably got some cycling hobby questions. Among everything to know about bikes, you probably want to focus on getting answers to questions about cycling that relate to basic types of gear that can enhance your riding experience and how much it costs.


Things to Know About Bikes: Average Cost of a Bike

average cost of bike

Every hobby comes with expenses, and one of the most important things to know about bikes is how much they cost! There are bikes for every budget, and what you pay will depend on what type of biking you’d like to do and what you can afford.

Consider whether you’d like a road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or ebike. Within each category of bike, there is a big range of features, such as type of suspension, tires, brakes, and more. The more you can spend, the more high-end features you get. Ask yourself what type of riding you would like to do and what your goals are and go from there.


Should I Lease a Bike?


Bike leasing is a recent trend and an option worth exploring if you are not wanting to invest a large amount of money in a bicycle. It may allow you to ride a bike in a higher price range than you could otherwise afford and is a great option for commuting.


The Bike Gear I Need


There’s an endless amount of amazing gear available for cyclists. At the bare minimum, you should have comfortable and breathable clothing, a water bottle, helmet, reflectors, a spare tube, patch kit, pump, and helmet. Once you learn more about the mechanics of your bike, you’ll want to add a multitool to your gear to deal with issues during rides. And of course, having a great cycling bag never hurt. 


Do Pro Cyclists Wear Padded Shorts? Does That Mean I Need to Wear Those?


If you’re wondering do pro cyclists wear padded shorts, the answer is that yes, many do! Padded shorts protect the sit bones and genitals while on the saddle. Whether you decide to invest in padded shorts is entirely up to you, but they significantly increase comfort during a long, hilly, or bumpy ride. If you’re only cycling to commute then you may not need them, but if you are riding recreationally for longer distances then it is worth trying them.


What Do I Eat or Drink as a Cyclist? And When Should I Eat or Drink?

what do bikers eat

Cycling is very physically demanding, especially if you are doing longer, hillier, and off-road rides. Adequate hydration and energy intake are crucial to ensure your body has enough fuel. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your rides, especially in hot weather. 

Most bicycles can be fitted with a water bottle holder and there are many options for hydration backpacks with straws that allow you to drink while riding. If you’re riding for more than 1.5 hours, consider adding an electrolyte mixture to your water and carry carbohydrate-rich snacks like dried fruit, granola, and bananas.


What are the Essential Skills I Need to Even Start Cycling?


When you’re just getting started on two wheels, there are some essential skills you should focus on mastering, like braking, shifting, pedalling, and cornering. You should also bring yourself up to speed on your local traffic rules and signals so that you can ride safely and learn how to use safety equipment to stay visible and protect yourself. Basic mechanics and maintenance are also important things to know about bikes. This isn’t everything you need to know about bicycles, but it’s a great start! 


Still Not Feeling Ready to Tackle the World of Biking? Contact Us to Answer All Your Questions


Do you still have questions about cycling before you decide to give it a go? Whether you are thinking about cycling as a hobby or for commuting, we can tell you everything you need to know about bicycles. Contact us today with any cycling questions you have, and we’ll have you ready to ride in no time.

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