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Introducing Our Smart Backpack: The Alpha Bag

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Introducing Our Smart Backpack: The Alpha Bag

When Gerry Outdoors added the first zipper to a backpack in 1938, it was a big deal. After all, before that, a backpack had been nothing more than a strap of leather or cloth that was fastened around a stack of books. Fast forward 83 years later, and now we have smart backpacks! 

What is A Smart Backpack?

A smart backpack allows you to hike, bike, walk, travel, attend classes, commute, and everything in between while simultaneously charging your smartphone or laptop. Some even include anti-theft zippers to protect your belongings, built-in speakers for enjoying your favourite tunes, and built-in solar panels to quickly recharge your battery. Depending on the manufacturer, a smart backpack may have various features designed to provide the wearer with convenience and peace of mind.

How is A Smart Backpack Different Than A Pannier Backpack?

Whereas a pannier backpack typically mounts over the front or back wheels of a bike (or both) on a bike pannier rack and is commonly used for long-distance touring, a smart backpack is traditionally worn on the back while riding. A smart backpack also doesn’t allow for adequate air ventilation to your back, which can significantly impede the comfort level of your ride. A pannier backpack, on the other hand, greatly supports a comfortable ride. A bike pannier bag is also the most comfortable way to carry heavy cargo on rides longer than 15 minutes.

Introducing The Best Smart Backpack Yet

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Our Alpha Pannier Backpack SMART is a game-changer. It’s hands down the best smart backpack yet. A sustainably charged pannier backpack, the Alpha Pannier Backpack SMART takes daily riding technology to the next level. The Pannier Backpack LITE and PLUS’s best hallmarks are a happy medium 25-litre size with upgraded zippers and 100% recycled waterproof Ripstop fabric. 

The backpack is designed to integrate with the Joey T3 Smartbag Console (sold with or without) and Joey T3 Smartbag App. This best smart backpack allows you to set charging limits, connect your bag via Bluetooth to your phone, set perimeter alarms, find your phone, find your bag and more.

The Alpha Bag: Not Just A Smart Backpack With Charger

If you’re looking for a smart backpack that is so much more than just a smart backpack with charger, the Alpha Pannier Backpack SMART is most definitely it! Not only does it convert from a pannier to a smart backpack in seconds, but it also features:

  • Secure, fast KLICKfix pannier attachment to standard bike racks
  • Padded tech pocket with Joey T3 Console compatibility, phone tray, cable, and battery pockets
  • Separate padded 15-inch zippered laptop pocket
  • Internal laptop sleeve, large mesh pocket, pen slots, accessory pockets, and key clip
  • Modular Attachment System (M.A.S.) / Helmet hooks
  • Bottle pockets with umbrella/U-lock strap
  • Reflective design with loop for light
  • Includes high-visibility rain cover

Bluetooth Backpack? Yes, please!

Because the Alpha Bag is also a Bluetooth backpack, thanks to its easy integration with the Joey T3 Smartbag Console and Joey T3 Smartbag app, your smart backpack quickly transforms into your phone finder, distance alarm, and digital clock. 

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Follow the instructions included with the Joey T3 and download the SmartBag App to access the below Joey T3 features with your Alpha Smart Bag:

  • Backup Phone or device Power
    • For Phones, Tablets, Earbuds and Other Accessories 
    • 6,200 mA
  • Charge Timer
    • Control Power Output
    • Control How Much Power You Share with Others
  • Smartphone App
    • Bluetooth Connection to Your Phone.
  • Find Lost Phone
    • Rings and Finds Exact Location
  • Anti-Loss/Theft Distance Alarm
    • Protect Your Bag and Belongings
  • In Bag Task Lighting Via LED
    • Bright and Useful
  • Digital Travel Clock
    • Updates Timezones via Bluetooth
  • Dual Charge
    • Charge Joey T3 and Your Phone At the Same Time
  • Virus Blocker Firewall 
    • Protects You During Dual Charge
    • Don’t get Juice Jacked when you travel
    • Protect your Phone and Data

In case you still have any question, check out this Q&A post about The SMART Alpha Bag with Joey T3 Smart system.

If you’re ready to take your ride to the next level with a sustainability-charged multi-functional smart backpack, click HERE. To view our entire line of backpacks, click HERE.


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