Meet the Small Bike Bag Providing the Best Bike Storage

Meet the Small Bike Bag Providing the Best Bike Storage

Bike bags are a super efficient form of bike storage, and our panniers and backpacks can store enough for a long weekend away or keep all your work essentials safe and sound on your bike ride to the office.

If you’re just cruising about town or taking a bike ride to your nearest mountain trails, many people prefer to rely on something a little smaller for bike storage to carry what they need for the day. Luckily, our range of frame bags, seat packs and handlebar bags has you covered.

In this blog, we’ll talk you through the merits of each bike bag, and the types of bike rides they suit best.

Bike Seat Bag

The Commute Seat Pack is probably one of the most universal bike bags in the Two Wheel Gear range, and is perfect for both the daily commute and longer bike rides and expeditions. It’s a great bike seat bag to store things you won’t necessarily need to reach for mid-ride, like tools, tire levers, mini pumps, spare tubes and a patch kit.

It’s also large enough to fit in a light jacket, a beanie, or other thin layers to cover you in case of any temperamental weather mid-ride.

You can shop the Commute Seat Pack or the Commute Seat Pack Small here.

Bike Frame Bag

Part of our collection, our Frame Bags – available in S/M (3.5L) or L/XL (6L) – are built for fast and easy bike storage on your daily commute. They’re also a great addition for a longer cycling trip or bikepacking adventure.

Best utilized by those who seek a ‘double duty’ bag for weekday commuting and weekend adventures, this bike frame bag design is weatherproof and adjustable, like all of our bike bags. Use it to carry everyday things, like extra layers, a light jacket or bike tools. If you’re adventuring, it has all lots of bike storage space for things like utensils, food, a first aid kit or other camping knick-knacks.

Its central point of gravity makes it perfect for carrying heavier items while maintaining balance and bike handling, while external access compartments allow you quick-draw access to items you might need on the move. Daily commuters will love the internal secure bike storage aspect, including mesh organization and a key clip.

We like to say we use frame bags like the trunk of a car – store items in it for adventure, but you can use it to carry regular daily gear too.

Shop the Frame Bag here.

Handlebar Bag

The Dayliner Mini Handlebar Bag is a great place to store your keys, wallet and phone. The handlebar bag also has room to spare for an extra few extra items like a light jacket or some beverages, if you’re meeting friends or heading to a party. The waterproof roll top closure ensures everything is kept safe and dry, and there’s an internal tote zipper, too.

If we’re bikepacking or riding in unfamiliar territory, we’ll put stuff like sunscreen, drinks, insect repellent or a map in here (because you never know when your cellphone reception might fail you!

We made this for riders who like to take a bike ride in all weather conditions with a light, but necessary amount of extra gear. It’s built with a rigid base and back plate, too, meaning it stands perfectly when set on the ground or a desk. It also has a carry strap for off-bike carrying.

Shop the Dayliner Mini Handlebar Bag here – available in Black, Graphite Grey or Tofino Blue to get great bike storage.

Top Tube Bag

This is one of our favourite  bike bags to use for quick access to essential items. Recently covered by Electric Bike Buyer, it’s designed for smaller items that you need close at hand, we pack things like fobs, keys, wallets, sunglasses and snacks in here. The Top Tube bag is also great for stashing a multi-tool for emergency bike maintenance, or extra lights/reflectors for if you’re going to be on the roads after dark!

This bag is really versatile and can be used for any kind of bike ride. We love it for shorter trips when you just need a few things, or as part of your overall bike storage on summer bikecamping expeditions. If you have a bike trip planned, don’t forget to read our guide on How to Pack for a Bikepacking Trip!

The Top Tube bag is available in Graphite Grey, Black and now Tofino Blue.

Shop the Commute Top Tube bag here.

Remember, all of our bike bags come with a two year warranty and 30 day guarantee! For more information, check out the FAQs section of our website.

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