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Bike commuters talking
Having someone to ride to work with might make it more enjoyable for you. Find a friend who you could share your love of bikes with!

Happy New Year everyone.  I’ve had a solid week of family, relaxation and a little extra indulgence.  As I head into 2019, I’m starting to think about my cycling goals for 2019. Some of my goals are racing/training related and I have a couple commuting goals too.  If you’re thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions but don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas you may want to add to your 2019 commuting list.

Bike Commuter with pannier

Is anyone else anxious to get back on the commuter bike? I’ve had some time off work and I’m ready to get back in the saddle.

Set A Commuting Goal

If you want to increase your commuting miles in 2019, set some tangible goals. Challenge yourself to commute every day for an entire week.  Or, if you already commute often, maybe try to commute to work every day for an entire month. Setting a goal that promotes consistency may get you riding in all conditions, even those you typically avoid (too cold, too rainy, too windy, etc.). Once you start a cycling streak it is hard to break and you will discover creative solutions to push past some of those perceived barriers in the past.

Winter Commuting Resolutions

Have you ever ridden to work in the middle of winter? I love it! Riding in the snow and cold, starts my day on the right foot…or is it pedal? If you have never ridden in winter, start with challenging yourself to just one day – International Winter Bike to Work Day on February 8th would be a good choice. You could expand this to riding X number of days per week, or every day the temperature is above X degrees, or every day there is no snow in the forecast. If winter cycling interests you, be sure to subscribe to this blog as a number of winter commuting blogs will be coming up in the new year.

Bike commuter in winter

I commute to work even in the winter. If you’ve not tried it before, maybe 2019 is your chance.

Still unsure about winter riding? Don’t think you or your bike can “handle” it? Try renting a fat bike and see if this sways your opinion of winter cycling. Many shops will offer fat bike rentals throughout the winter and point you to some well-groomed trails. Give winter riding a try on a fat bike, it just might dispel previous hesitations, and may even turn you into a year-round cyclist.

Change Up Your Route

Does this sound like you: you start out commuting almost every day but quickly find excuses not to ride soon after?  Here’s a resolution for you, switch up your route. This is something I am resolved to do this year. I have been commuting the same roads and trails for many years now.  Small changes may add a little distance but the variety may re-energize you and your commute. You may even discover some incredible, new trails/paths/roads that you never knew existed.

Bike with pannier on trail

I’ve travelled the same roads for a long time. This year I’m thinking about finding some new routes to work.

Bring A Friend

Bike commuters talking

Having someone to ride to work with might make it more enjoyable for you. Find a friend who you could share your love of bikes with!

Do you know someone who admiringly talks about your commute or about how they wish they would ride to work? Invite them to join along one day.  As commuters we appreciate the strength in numbers and the more people out on bikes, the better it is for all of us. Imagine if all bike commuters resolved to get just one more car off the road and that person into the bike lane –  how great that would be?!

two bike commuters

When you can have a great conversation and ride your bike to work…what could be better?

Have a good ride!

~ Joe

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