Our 4th Annual Green Friday

Green Black Friday Sale

Our 4th Annual Green Friday

Everyone likes a bargain, but did you know that shopping has a huge impact on the environment? Rather than Black Friday, we created Green Friday – keep reading to find out why and how to get the “greenest” Black Friday bike deals.

What is Two Wheel Gear’s Green Friday?

Our Green Friday sale is when we sell gently used, inspected gear and show samples at 50%-70% off. Whether it’s a pannier, handlebar bag, frame, or frame bag, or bike trunk bag – we make it easy for you to buy high quality used bike gear.

Green Black Friday Sale Buy Used

You get a great bike bag, all while giving repurposed bags a second chance keeping them out of the landfill – win-win! Mark your calendar for our Green Friday sale this November 26th from 5:00 AM until 11:59 PM.

What to Expect on our Green Friday Sale?

You can expect to find some great bargains. That means huge discounts on on all sorts of bike equipment, including panniers, bike bags, bike trunk bags, handlebar bags, and frame bike bags. But huge sales can come at a cost to the environment.

How are these Big Sales Impacting the Environment?

Black Friday is known as one of the most polluting days of the year, both in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste from packaging. Anyone with environmentally sustainable goals can see the problem with this mass consumerism. 

One big problem with widespread Black Friday sales is the temptation to buy something brand new and toss old gear in the garbage, even if it is still usable.  Green Friday was created as a way to give great products a second life, keep them out of the landfill and give to a charity we love.

Why is Reducing Waste to Landfill a Goal?

We believe the last thing we need is more waste clogging our landfills. The reducing waste to landfill goal refers to our commitment to extend the lifecycle of our bike bags so that nothing goes to a landfill unless it is no longer usable. 

Two Wheel Gear’s Sustainable Goals

green friday

At Two Wheel Gear, environmental sustainability is at the core of our company values. We are nature lovers and work to minimize our impact on the environment.  Collecting and refurbishing products from our 30 day guarantee, trade show samples and customer returns allows us to improve the product life cycle and make them available again to our community as one of the ways we can meet our sustainable goals.

Buying Used Products Can Net in Zero Waste to Landfill – Here’s How

This Green Friday, consider buying used bike bags and other pre-loved gear where possible. By doing this, you help ensure that all the resources that went into manufacturing a piece of bike gear go as far as possible. You do your part to reduce the amount of waste piling up in landfills. 

Next Step: Buy Used Bike Gear This Green Friday

If you’ve had an eye on any of our great bike bags, now’s the time to take another look! Maybe it’s our convenient handle bar bag, or a handy frame bike bag you’re in need of. Or perhaps you are looking for that perfect pannier for your bike commute. Visit our Green Friday sale page to see if you can find a used version of what you’re looking for to do your part towards zero waste to landfill sustainable goals.

10% of Proceeds Go to One of the Best Charities

When you buy used bikes gear from our Green Friday sale, you not only extend the lifecycle of bike gear but also help one of the best charities helping kids! 10% of proceeds from the sales of our used gear sale go to Dreams Take Flight, a charity that supports kids with medical, physical, social and emotional needs.

As a cyclist, you might care about the environment a little more than the average person. Now you know how to get your hands on high-quality used bike gear that supports one of the best charities for kids meeting all of your sustainable goals. 

But you’ll have to be fast to get the exact items you’ve been hoping for. Quantities and selections are limited and it’s first come first serve. Items are posted at 5:00 AM PST on November 26th. This is one special event that has become a special part of our company and is worth setting the alarm for! 

Check Out Who Else Hopped Onto The Green Friday Train…

None other than! Make sure this November 26th, you are on the right side of Black (Green) Friday with Two Wheel Gear and let’s be green together.

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