The Bike Riding Guide to All the Hesitant Cyclists Out There

bike riding guide for beginners

Getting into any new hobby or sport can be intimidating and cycling is no different. All you need is the right bike riding guide to get you started. 

So, before you change your mind about getting on two wheels, keep reading to learn what you need to start cycling. We’ve got tips on the first ever bike to try and the best cycling books to read to help you build your confidence.

All About Cycling, and Why Sometimes it Can Feel Super Daunting to Start


If you’re feeling nervous about learning to cycle, don’t worry- it’s totally normal! The great thing about cycling is how accessible it is to anyone, no matter your fitness level or goals. 


The most important thing is to take it one step at a time- don’t worry about those kitted-out cyclists that you see and wonder if you need the same kind of bike or gear as them. This bike riding guide is here to tell you exactly what you need to start cycling.


What You Need to Start Cycling


All you need to start cycling is access to a bicycle (duh), basic safety gear, and a little bit of knowledge. You don’t need to know all about cycling before you give it a try- as you gain experience doing it, your skills and understanding will naturally progress. 


How to Choose the Right Beginner Cycling Bike

how to choose the right bike

When you’re just getting started, it can be overwhelming to sift through the features of bikes to figure out the best beginner cycling bike for you. Keep it simple! 


First, you need to figure out what kind of rider you want to be. Do you want to start cycling to commute, for leisure in your spare time, or for longer adventures? It’s okay if the answer is a little bit of all three! 


Make sure that you choose a bicycle that is sized correctly for your height and suited for the type of terrain you will mostly be cycling on. Go with a beginner cycling bike that is practical and easy to ride. You can (and probably will!) upgrade later. 


The Essential Biking Skills to Learn


Many people who get interested in cycling as adults haven’t ridden a bike since childhood. Although there is truth to the phrase “it’s like riding a bike” and some of it will come back to you, there are certain essential skills all riders should know.


Once you’ve practiced safely braking, shifting, cornering, and pedalling in a safe area, you need to learn the local traffic rules wherever you are. No matter what type of riding you want to do, you will have to cycle in traffic at some point- especially if your main motivation to start cycling is to commute around town. If that’s you, we’ve got a beginner’s guide to bike commuting


The Best Cycling Training Books to Read


It doesn’t hurt to have some theoretical knowledge to complement your practical skills. There are plenty of books all about cycling, from guides on bicycle repair and maintenance to stories of both professional racers and amateur cyclists who are in it for the journey!


Here are a couple of the best cycling training books to read to whet your appetite for cycling:

This is a fantastic introductory bike riding guide and will answer many of the questions you probably have about what you need to start cycling.


If you’re looking for inspiration about how quickly you can go from a beginner to a competent cycle tourist, this is the book that will show you how.


All the Questions You Need to Ask Before You Begin Cycling

questions about cycling

You probably have a lot of questions all about cycling, and we’ve got answers! From what kind of gear you need, to what bike leasing is all about and what type of food you need to eat as a cyclist, we’re here to give you answers to everything you want to know about cycling


The Gear You Need to Start Cycling Regularly


Once you’ve got the basics, which are a beginner cycling bike and a helmet, you need to start gearing up. Having the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to having enjoyable, convenient rides so that you come to love cycling as much as we do!


There are a few essential pieces of gear for a better bike ride. Once you’ve got the right clothing and basic tools necessary to fix a flat tire, you need somewhere to keep it all! That’s where choosing the right bike bag comes in. We’ve got all shapes and sizes of bike bags to meet your needs, no matter what kind of riding you’ll be doing.

Now you know what you need to start cycling, so gear up and get out there! If you’ve got any questions, we’re here for you as your bike riding guide.

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