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The Infamous Cyclist Half Wave | Introducing our Newest Contributor, Joe Meissner

bike commuter with pannier

We are Bike Commuters

A special breed looking to find the path less travelled and the ironic freedom that “life behind bars” offers.  We need to stick together and build our commuter community. There’s no better way to build camaraderie amongst fellow commuters than just being friendly, inviting and giving a simple wave hello.

bike commuter with pannier

When you share the road and share the ride with your fellow bike commuters, all it takes is a small gesture to grow the bike commuter community.

I’m Joe, by the way.  A bike commuter for over 5 years.  I ride through suburban streets, forested trails, 80 km/h highways with no shoulders, and busy urban roads. My commute, although longer than the average at 18 km, is a wonderful mix of every possible terrain one could hope for.  I live in a rural town in Southern Ontario, Canada and commute to a bigger city, where I work at a local university. I ride nearly every day, all year long. I see a handful of commuters during the summer months but when the temperatures drop and snow starts falling, the streets get pretty quiet and lonely.

Bike commuter with pannier

Meet Joe, our newest contributor here at Two Wheel Gear | You’ll find him commuting by bike in every season and battling all sorts of weather

Simple Gestures

It doesn’t take much. A friendly gesture – as simple as a head nod, a quick hello, or even the infamous cyclist half-wave (hands on the bars with just fingers extended) is a great way to acknowledge, show respect for other riders and build community.  A full-on wave, like a child excitedly waving at a passing fire truck is not necessary (although sometimes I do get that excited to see a fellow two wheel commuter) – especially in the winter.

We don’t need to stop every time we pass someone to shake their hand or give them a hug (unless it’s your mom – then always give a hug). Conversations aren’t necessary – but some sort of acknowledgement of your fellow commuter should be a requirement, no matter how small.

Bike Commuter

Being a bike commuter can feel solitary | Join Joe twice per month here on the Two Wheel Gear blog where he shares everything he’s learned about commuting by bike

Sharing from the road

Although I love the solitude that cycling offers, no one likes feeling like they are on their own.  Sharing on the Two Wheel Gear blog is a great opportunity for me to join the team – you know, without the awkward small talk.  I’ll be over here twice per month sharing everything I’ve learned about ‘bike commuting’. You can look forward to stories from the road, commuting tips and tricks, and everything you might want to know about making the most of your bike and how it can help your commute.

This first blog is my chance to wave hello to you.

So… “Hello” {insert subtle cyclist nod here}

I would like to invite you to say hello back, ask questions, or share ideas for topics you’d like to explore in future posts in the comments below – I’ll be sure to respond.

Have a good ride!

~ Joe

Instagram | @joe.meissner

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  1. We are so excited to have Joe along with his amazing team of Karen and Anna helping us spread the love, tips, tools and skills of bike commuting! You will see regular columns by Joe and the gang right here every two weeks!

    Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. You can suggest topics to cover, ask questions and simply share your opinion. We are here to help build and shape the community as a resource for all that take up life on two wheels! So please join on in!

  2. Joe,
    I share your excitment about the “half wave”! I purchased my first road bike this past spring for a charity ride I had wanted to participate in for a few years. The first time I went out for a longer training ride, all decked out in my new kit, looking and feeling like a real road cyclist, I experienced the “half wave” for the first time and was over the mood giddy! I felt it was almost a right of passage to experience as a newbie rider and officially be welcomed to the cycling club. Even today, I still get a shot of excitement whenever another cycles gives a subtle nod.

    Ride on!


    1. Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! Hope you get out riding today!

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