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Brands Like Us – The ReddyYeti/Fitplan Bike Gear Giveaway & Podcast

ReddyYeti – One Cool, Generous Monster

Being in good company. That is what life and business are about. We are in it with the ReddyYeti/Fitplan Bike Gear Giveaway sending over $2,600 to one lucky winner.

Head over to ReddyYeti to enter the contest (which includes one of our Military Grade Waxed Canvas Pannier Backpacks…..And you can join the ReddyYeti club and get the newest gear from small (may we say blossoming brands) like us at glacier cool prices.

Two Wheel Gear - ReddyYeti $2,600+ Bike Giveaway

Two Wheel Gear on the ReddyYeti Podcast

As part of the ReddyYeti snow patrol, we received the distinct privilege of getting interviewed by Josh Salvo (one of the founders of ReddyYeti), who digs the underwater iceberg stories of outdoor brands. We are #110 on the podcast (and thrilled to be one of the popular episodes on the channel).

You can listen to our president and founder Reid Hemsing talk about the roots and startup story of Two Wheel Gear on the ReddyYeti Podcast.

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Good Company: Meet our Brands

Grassracks Bamboo Bike Rack and Bike ShelfMore like “Rad Racks.” Grass Racks make premium, gorgeous racks for boards, skis, bikes, and kayaks from beautiful, strong, and sustainable bamboo. Its a mix between high function and humble bragging. Display all your most prized possessions while making your friends jealous in any living space. Better than retail displays in your own home organizing your own gear.


Sondors Electric Bikes

Sondors is on a mission to revolutionize the electric bike industry. They make maybe the raddest e-bike at a very attractive $899 price-point. If you haven’t ripped a 50 miler on an e-bike, this might be your way to get in the game. You need to have a gander at this very innovative outdoor startup.


Peak Refuel

Have trouble eating properly on your expedition? Peak Refuel has the answer. They offer a variety of healthy, fully-cooked, high-protein, quick-prep, de-hydrated meals conveniently packaged to stash away on any outdoor trip. Hmmmm Mmmmm chicken Alfredo!



Chagit! (We always say it in a quick yell). We have been into trying out the mushroom coffees lately and Chagit has it dialled with their 2 oz. Chaga mushroom daily shots. The Chaga Mushroom is a superfood and offers the highest pound-for-pound punch of antioxidants. You have to Chagit-out! wants to make it safer to bike in cities. Their award-winning light sends an image of a glowing bike 6′ ahead of the “real cyclist” which signals cars that your well on your way. The light makes cyclists up to 32% more visible. If you are a bike tech nerd (like us), you need to watch out for this company. They are coming up.


GrowlerwerksWhen we started, we made leather growler holsters for carrying on your bike so we are more than down with Growlerwerks. Based out of America’s coolest beer scene in Portland, OR, this crafty startup produces a pressure regulated, double-stainless-steel vacuum-insulated, pressure gauge displaying, beer tap growler. Any hop head will go bananas. Bikes and beer (just like peanut butter and jelly).


Lems Shoes
Less is more at Lems. They are a shoe company that you probably haven’t heard of but deserve to if you have any interest in making the best with less. No added material, no waste. We can’t stop drooling over their boots.

Stag Rack


Carrying large gear for multiple sports? No problem. The STAG Rack is interchangeable. Suction cups on the roof replace rigid mounts that keep you inspecting the roof of your car. Take on all of your favourite sports with a single, reliable rack regardless of your vehicle and without the traditional hassle of a rail system installed roof rack. Pure genius.


Cloudline Socks

Hopping out of bed is the first step. Where it starts is your feet. Cloudline makes Merino wool socks with a hassle-free lifetime guarantee. We have never heard of that for a sock company. Now that is something. Bravo!



The hiking specialists at Montem started with a simple trekking pole. But their passion bloomed into a full-on hiker’s paradise. They now make high-quality outdoor camping/hiking gear that works at all levels of the expedition. No ordinary gear and no ordinary company. Great bike/hike combo company to explore.


Now get out there and ride your bike!

Two Wheel Gear - Garment Pannier 2.0 - Bike to Work Cyclist

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