The Six Most Useful Cycling Gadgets 

While gadgets aren’t necessarily make or break when it comes to getting out on your bike, there are certain tools and technology out there that can boost the enjoyment you get out of your ride.  

Cycling gadgets have upped their game in recent years as tech becomes smaller, more affordable and smarter. In 2021, your ride can be captured in context of speed, distance and heart rate, so you can track your performance to ride harder and better.

But it’s not all about physical performance and cutting-edge tech. There are lots of gadgets out there that also improve safety and keep you connected while on the road.  

Whether you’re looking to add safety, comfort or even a little more fun into your ride, we’ve rounded up six of the cycling gadgets we find most useful in 2021.


When it comes to bike gadgets, the SmartHalo2 should be on every cyclist’s wishlist! A techtastic all-rounder, this handy little device tracks your cycling metrics, lights your way in the dark and keeps you connected with call and text notifications. It also navigates you and protects your bike with an anti-theft alarm. 

At $199, it sits at the pricier end of the bike gadget market – but for all it can offer we think it’s worth every cent. (It looks pretty cool, too.)

I-beam Multi tool 

Cyclists never know when they’re going to get in a fix with their bike, so it’s wise for newbies and experienced riders alike to carry a multi-tool. 

The I-beam multi-tool from Park Tools is lightweight, with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex wrenches as well as a flat blade screwdriver to solve any minor issues and keep your bike in safe, working order.

Bike bell 

Bike bells are a must-have for any cyclist, so why not invest in a sleek, modern one that will complement any bike? We love the Knog Oi Bike Bell for its unique design. 

The Nello magnetic bike bell is also super eye-catching – it looks like a rubber ball balanced on your handlebars – and you can change the sound of it, too!

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves 2.0

There are lots of ways to make cycling in the dark safer than even before – including wheel reflectors, lights and hi-vis clothing. But when it comes to changing lanes or taking an exit, there’s nothing like a flashing indicator to make yourself more visible. 

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves do what it says on the tin, lighting up the back of your hand with a flashing light.  The lights are activated by pressing together your thumb and your index finger, so there’s no groping around for switches mid-ride.

NiteRider Pro 1800

If you’re often out and about on your bike at night or on more poorly lit roads, having a decent light is absolutely essential for your safety. At less than 500g, the NiteRider Pro 1800 is lightweight but powerful, producing – as its name suggests – 1800 lumens of light. 

This light can be mounted on up to 35-mm diameter bars, as well as on your bike helmet – which makes it a great option for the bikecampers and adventurers out there. 

Supernova The Plug III USB Power Supply

We’ve all been caught out by a dead phone at some point on the commute – normally mid-playlist or when we need to send an ETA! The Supernova The Plug III Power Supply charges your phone using your own pedal power, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in before each ride.  

Replacing your bike’s headset cap, this lightweight design is positioned perfectly to charge your devices whilst on the road. All you need is busy legs and a USB cable!

Linka Smart Bike Lock

Unfortunately, bike theft is pretty ubiquitous – and keeping your bike safe can be harder than you’d think! Bike locks are a necessity for modern riders, but not all of these can guarantee safety.  As tech has evolved into the bike lock world, bike locks are now smarter than ever. 

The LEO 2 Pro GPS Theft Tracking Smart Bike Lock by Linka not only securely locks your bike, it also has built-in GPS, so you can pinpoint your bike’s location with a 3m range of accuracy. Users are also alerted via an app whenever your bike is tampered with.

And finally, a new addition from us… 

The team here at Two Wheel Gear also have a little something up our sleeves by way of a new design with integrated tech.

Features like lighting, Bluetooth connectivity to your phone and charging on the go will be made possible when our latest design drops later in 2021, in collaboration with Joey Energy. Watch this space! 


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