Top 8 Commuter Essentials this Christmas!

If the commuter in your life has committed to riding most days, then they will need a solid kit of the essentials. We put together this short list of hand picked gear that we use on a daily basis. From stocking stuffers to epic gifts they will always remember, these commuter gems will put a smile on any cyclist this Christmas!


1) Ass Savers – Rear Fenders

These are so simple and easy to use and can get any cyclist out of a messy jam. Perfect for the commuter that is still hesitant to install fenders (even though they know it would save their ass). These pop on and off your seat so fast that any ‘fender shyness’ is held to a controlled minimum.

$9.99 USD – >>> Amazon

10.75 CAD – >>> MEC


2) Knog – ‘Oi’ Bike Bell 

Nothing timid about this bell. Sleek engineering with a polished re-designed “oi” ding sound. A more refined way to command respect on the pathways. I love it.

$19.95 USD – >>> Knog


3) Tern – Vizy Light

Cast a protective Christmas spell on your loved ones. The Vizy Light projects a 360 sphere of red light surrounding the cyclist to warn off any auto intruders. Rear Viz protection that is a light year ahead. Also cool: Tern’s Vektron Electric Folding Bike (ending soon on Kickstarter)

$40.00 USD – >>> Tern


4) DZR Shoes – Cove

DZR has captured the casual street style of Vans and brought it to urban cycling. Offering ‘thick and stiff’ padded soles, reflective accents and clipless “cleat” compatibility. The slickest foot capsules around for casual coffee meetings or longer, sweatier commutes.

$99.00 USD – >>> DZR


5) Bern Helmets – Allston

Might be time for a noodle upgrade. Bern came into helmets after making it huge in the snowboard market. Light, super comfortable, incredible airflow with a super cool flip visor. In my opinion its the best looking and functioning lid on the market. I received the Allston last Christmas and I’m still raving about it.

$109.99 CAD>>> Bern


6) ABUS Bordo Lock

The best lock I’ve owned. Smallish, quick enough for packing away into a water bottle pocket and fun to use. Short of an industrial cutting wheel operated by a serious thief, your bike isn’t going anywhere. Easily stashed in any pack or mounted to bike frame. We don’t leave home without it.

$105 – $145 USD – >>> Amazon


7) Vintage Bikes – Tracker

If your shopping for a big dog that would fancy their hair flowing down a nostalgic cruise on Hollywood Boulevard then this Vintage Electric Tracker might be for you. 3,000 watt rear hub motor that rapidly accelerates the rider to 36 Miles/Hour (58 Km/Hour). The most fun I had at the Interbike test track in 2016.

$4,995 USD – >>> Vintage Electric

8) Two Wheel Gear – Pannier Backpack & Classic 2.0

And…..last but certainly not least, we would be silly not to include our essential commuting packs for biking to work. If your No. 1 doesn’t already have our Pannier Backpack or Classic Garment Pannier, then this might just be the best time to order (Insider tip: Our Pannier Backpacks are on sale until November 30th….just in time for Christmas shipping starting December 5th).

$115 USD / $145 CAD – >>> Pannier Backpack Convertible

$189 USD / $249 CAD – >>> Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier

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