Two Wheel Gear | 2019 Pre-Launch Video #1

Hello Bike Commuters!

You’ve been waiting to see some exciting new 2019 gear! It’s not available for purchase on the website just yet, so this is the very first look!

But first off, THANK YOU for being here! Some of you have been following us and riding with us for a long time! Some may even still be riding with a bag that came directly from my basement workshop…and some may even remember our Two Wheel Gear forefathers, Ken and Craig. No matter how long you’ve been with us, thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for riding your bike!

It’s not always easy commuting by bike. I rode to my corporate office with a suit for many years before leaving to start Two Wheel Gear full time. Some days on a bike can downright suck! Bad weather, bad drivers (in cars), flat tires and sometimes even bad etiquette from other cyclists can throw you off your game.

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Joe Meissner on Bike in Winter
Commuting can be hard…Joe Meissner on our blog can help

The one thing we can do is work extremely hard to make the very best tools so you never have to worry about bad gear. We only want to give you the best. Because when you win your commute, you win the day.

If you’re just getting started with bike commuting, we have a super simple Bike to Work Guide that will be everything you need to get going.

If you’re already a seasoned veteran, we have a pretty awesome blog, that shares commuting tips like winter commuting hacks, DIY projects, bike maintenance tips and inspirational stories of everyday commuters doing pretty incredible things.

Please comment and share your wisdom on these posts with the community.

OK OK, I’m going to show you a little of what I’ve been working on for the last year. But before I do, I just want to remind you that you need to be on our INSIDER MAILING LIST to get the product launch offer that is coming.

Two Wheel Gear Insider Mailing List Signup

Our Two Wheel Community!

Meet our amazing Ambassadors that bring forward the leadership and values of Two Wheel Gear!

Ambassadors like Anton Kang who plays the violin for the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. He rides his bike to performances 30-60 km away (yeah he is a bit crazy!). But of course he needs to take his tuxedo (Shameless Plug: The Classic Garment Pannier takes care of that for him : ).

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Anton Kang in Seoul, South Korea
Anton Kang commuting to a performance with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Or maybe even Olympic Bronze medalist Georgia Simmerling that switched from skiing to cycling after breaking her back in a ski accident (Yeah it was crazy….watch the video we filmed with Georgia to see her transformation). She absolutely rocked it in Rio!

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador Georgia Simmerling on bike in Vancouver
Georgia Simmerling won the Bronze medal in Women’s Team Pursuit Cycling in Rio and is the first Canadian to compete in 3 different sports at 3 different Olympics

Or maybe you even heard about Adam Godet in Washington, DC. Adam is a suit by day working for the U.S. Defense Department and is a skilled craftsman making custom furniture in the moonlight (something we can relate to very closely…just not the wood part).

Two Wheel Gear Ambassador - Adam Godet in Washington, D.C.
Adam Godet commutes daily to the U.S. Defense Department in Washington, D.C.

If you have an awesome commuting story, we’d love to hear it! You can apply for our Ambassador program by sending us an email to info@twowheelgear.com with the subject “Ambassador.”


Well then, let’s get to it! You’re probably excited to see what’s coming!

Forgive the poor production and lighting quality, but here is the first look at the new gear! I also wanted to give you an intimate dive into what I pack in my own personal commuting bag to give you a better feel for capacity.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I52-zFymabI]

Why We Made the PLUS+

For starters, Thank you to everyone for sharing your feedback all along the way. You’ve sent us many helpful use cases and suggestions for improvement. We love getting your emails, chatting on social, and combing your website and Amazon reviews. It is what helps up keep improving and making the best gear possible. I review and respond to each product review personally. It has all gone into making the PLUS+.

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack Convertible Reviews
We know you love the pannier backpack but we noticed a few things…

People love the Pannier Backpack but we found 3 main themes that we could improve in the PLUS+

1. More Space!

You just wanted more space! From university students to doctors, we heard that you loved your bag, but you just wished it could fit all your damn textbooks or there wasn’t quite enough room for your fancy shoes.

2. Laptop Sleeve Tight/Challenging to Access

The laptop sleeve is well protected but is nestled in the back wall of the interior pocket. We heard that some of you found it awkward to get your laptop in and out quickly.

3. Mounting System Restrictions

For some, the mounting hooks just didn’t quite adjust right to their rack. Some racks have awkward crossbars, or the Ebike battery gets in the way or the rack is larger than the standard 12 mm and the clips don’t fit. Some people didn’t realize the hooks adjusted with a screwdriver. Weve even had some cases where the blue Twist parts are popping off (which we realize is a major pain). Although the TWIST system is highly effective, there was room for improvement.

So I went back to the drawing board…

Introducing the PLUS+

Capacity Limitation = Solved!

We experimented with a few different size options and landed on a pretty simple formula (Simple is always best). The PLUS+ 1 inch longer, 1 inch wider, and 2 inches deeper than the regular Pannier Backpack. The result is a perfect capacity for those that carry a little more than the average commuter. I personally try to pack pretty light on the bike and the regular size reflects this, but I totally get it…People need their gear!

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack PLUS+ - Inside Capacity
The PLUS+ fits the regular Pannier Backpack in the main compartment

Dedicated Laptop Sleeve

The easiest way to improve laptop access was to simply give the bag it’s own dedicated laptop compartment. The new laptop sleeve works with 15-inch laptops of all widths. No more controversy of MacBook vs. Dell. If you don’t have to haul a laptop you have a new spot for files, notebooks, clothes or whatever you want quickly without having to go into the main compartment.

The separated laptop pocket

The First Look at the NEW Pannier Backpack PLUS+

Introducing the NEW Kompakt Rail – A Better Way to Mount

This might be the gamechanger. In fact, all of our new 2019 bags are being upgraded to use this system. It’s as fast as they come, it’s slides/adjusts with a click of the top button and it works with pretty much everything!

The Kompakt Rail works with racks sized Ø 6 – 16 mm (that includes most oversized racks). It adjusts for racks with funky cross rails (the hooks will slide to find the right position). It works with Ebikes where the battery is integrated into the rear carrier like Pedego because the hooks are shorter than normal pannier mounts.

To mount the bag, you drop the hooks on the rack and press the red centre spring clasp to securely lock it down to the rack. Simple.

Now to the Bars!

Introducing the Mini Messenger Handlebar Bag

Two Wheel Gear - Mini Messenger Handlebar Bag - Graphite Grey - Mounted on Bike
The Mini Messenger Handlebar Bag in Graphite (Exploded!)

Why we made the Mini Messenger Handlebar Bag?

We’ve been asked by a lot of you to make something that isn’t a rear mounted pannier. You need to carry a few essentials and don’t want a big bag or you don’t want a bike rack in general. You don’t want a dangling strap and would rather not have anything on your back while riding. We were told to make “a cool little bag that can fit a small notebook and my things I can take back and forth from my meetings.”

The Mini Messenger Handlebar Bag is the answer. It will take an iPad, your wallet, cell phone, snack, tools and a few beverage containers of your choice. It’s perfect for the daily commute, car-free festival, weekend tour or even your longer bike packing trips.


This is a little bag that packs a punch! 10 cans of Hawaiian Punch! (Seriously, it can fit 8 cans inside the main compartment and two in the outer mesh water bottle pockets…if your into that sort of thing).


We wanted our first bar bag to be securely mounted without a rigorous amount of work to take it on and off the bike. That means no velcro and no multi-faceted system to get your bag and go. Only high-quality parts with a super simple on-off mechanism. This baby is one button and BAM! You are in messenger mode.

Handlebar Adapter INCLUDED

The mini messenger bag includes the KLICKfix Handlebar adapter. Seriously, a lot of our competitors make you buy the handlebar mount system separately…what??? It won’t take you long to find all the one-star reviews out there from customers that bought other “similar” style bags only to find out they had to track down the right parts to attach it to their handlebars. Not here. No way.

How it works

The KLICKfix handlebar system that is pretty much universal. It comes with two sets of C-clamps that fit standard handlebars at Ø 26 mm or oversize handlebars at Ø 31.8 mm. It also includes the patented wire system that prevents the handlebar system from sagging under heavy loads. And for you Ebike riders out there with a front handlebar display, we thought of you too! You can upgrade to the Ebike handlebar mount which is wider and provides clearance for any digital display.


The handlebar adapter stays on the handlebars while the bag is quick to take on and off. 4 screws for the clamps and two hex bolts (for the security wire) and it’s installed. The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. Then you’re ready to ride!

What’s Coming Next?

Soon we’ll be taking you on a behind-the-scenes trip to the BC Bike Show where we first debuted the 2019 products. It will be like you were right there in the booth with us. So stay tuned!

Remember the products aren’t available yet (they aren’t even on the website just yet), so you’ll want to keep your eye out for the official launch.

Let us your if you have comments, questions or concerns on the comments below or hit us up on Facebook! We will get back to you ASAP. We are super excited to get this gear into your hands and can’t wait to hear from you!

Remember, if you want in on the Launch, you need to be an INSIDER. You can quickly join by clicking below.

Two Wheel Gear Insider Mailing List Signup

Until next time, have a good ride!


Two Wheel Gear - Reid Hemsing and Amber Sereda
Have fun out there. Ride Bikes!

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  1. Will you please stop making better products? I don’t have enough money to keep buying all of them! I had the 1.0 suit bag, but gladly traded up for the new mounting system. However, I barely used that bag because you came out with the pannier version that was just, just barely big enough to cover most of my commuting days, even with a laptop. Now I see you have made the nearly-perfect pannier into the absolutely perfect pannier by adding enough size so that I can carry a real lunch (dude, your lunch container is enough for a dwarf) along with my work clothes, towel, shower stuff, and laptop. So when I upgrade that means I will have two spare bags sitting around the house. Do you have a donation program for under-served bike commuters or something?

    You really are killing me. If your products weren’t so good, I would be really mad at you. As it is, I just have to congratulate you on your successful startup. You do good work!

    1. Haha Derek! That is awesome! I cracked up hard reading this! Well, we are always finding new ways to improve and can’t help ourselves for trying to make better and better stuff! It’s a blessing and curse I suppose! The PLUS+ was just a natural progression and we only made it because we kept getting asked to do so! For the donation aspect, YES! We can totally take gently used gear! Instead of Black Friday (come November), we do Green Friday, where we sell off any gently used gear for 70% off and donate all the proceeds to charity. This year it was Dreams Take Flight that takes sick kids on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland. If you want to donate any of your old gear to that sale, we will totally take it! : ) – I also laughed out loud about the crack at my lunch container…I am still living a bit of the starving artist lifestyle I guess so maybe I take less than the average bear! Haha. Thanks for riding with us (with all of your bags) and following along for so many years! We greatly appreciate that support and wouldn’t be in any position to even attempt new gear without commuters like you! High fives to you all day! Thank You!

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