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Why More Canadians are Opting to Cycle in the Winter and the Winter Cycling Gear They Need

winter cycling gear canada

With more and more people taking up cycling as a way to commute to work as well as to discover Canada, it’s no surprise that cycling is becoming more popular in the winter too. It’s not without its challenges though, so we’ve got some great tips for winter cycling gear, including the best travel bag for long-distance bike rides.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Public Transport and Cycling


The COVID19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, and not all of them are bad. There was a huge surge of interest in cycling, with many people rekindling their relationship with their bikes and others taking up cycling for the first time. 

Whether it was due to fear of health risks of traveling on public transport, or due to being able to work from home and having a bit more time for leisure activities, there are a lot more people cycling- and many of them want to cycle year-round.


Why Sometimes it’s Difficult to Cycle in Canada in the Winter


Most of Canada is not known for its mild winters- snowy, wet weather and cold temperatures are challenges for cyclists in the winter. The weather is not just tough on your body- it also means extra hazards on the roads.

Depending on how cycle-friendly your city is, you may face difficult street conditions. Without prompt snow removal, ploughing, and salting of bike paths, winter cycling is tough. To understand the importance of good cycling infrastructure, Canadians can look to the Finnish city of Oulu, which is considered the winter cycling capital of the world, even with harsher winter weather than Canada. 

Despite these challenges, there are good reasons to ride your bike year-round. As long as you’ve got reliable winter cycling gloves, winter cycling shoes, winter cycling jackets, and a great bicycle storage bag, then you’ll be hitting the winter streets with no worries.


Two Wheel Gear’s Guide to the Best Cycling Gear

winter cycling gear

No matter what the season, a weather-proof bicycle bag is a must. The type of traveling bag you use will depend on whether you’re commuting or going on long distance bike rides. 

For short rides to work, you may be able to get by with a bicycle frame bag, bike seat bag, a small bike bag, or even a bike pouch.

For longer rides, you need a great backpack for travel. We’ve got you covered with our range of traveling bags that will keep your belongings safe. Once you’ve got these basics covered, you need to think about specific seasonal needs.

With the help of a few simple winter bike commuting hacks and some quality winter cycling gear in your travel bag, you’ll be happily cycling during the winter.

And the Best Winter Cycling Jackets, Winter Cycling Gloves, Winter Cycling Shoes and More


If you’re looking to do some serious winter riding, including long distance bike rides, then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a winter cycling jacket that is up to the task. Pick one that with a thermal lining, such as fleece, and a windbreaking exterior.

The relatively warmer winters on the West coast are what make cities on coastal British Columbia some of the best cycling cities in Canada. They are also much wetter, so you’ll want a waterproof winter cycling jacket, winter cycling gloves, and winter cycling shoes. There’s nothing worse than being sopping wet a few minutes into your commute!


Two Wheel Gear’s Guide to Winter Cycling

winter cycling gear for canada

Once you’ve chosen the right travel bag and have gotten a warm winter cycling jacket, there are some other tips you need to keep you safe out on those cold winter streets.

In our guide to winter cycling, we recommend protecting your extremities with good winter cycling gloves and taking extra precautions to be visible on dark roads. You might even want to consider studded bike tires if you live somewhere where icy roads are common.

Once you’ve got some practice winter cycling at home, you might even be ready to have an adventure in one of the best winter riding destinations around the world. After all, you’ll already have a great travel bag and winter cycling gear!


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