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Your Day Out in Town & the Bike Frame Bag to Go With It

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Your Day Out in Town & the Bike Frame Bag to Go With It

When you’re cycling around town, chances are you need to keep some belongings with you, which means you need a bike frame bag. There are a lot of different bicycle storage bags to choose from, from small bike bags to large frame bags. Keep reading to learn which cycling bag is right for you.

How is Cycling in Town Different Than Cycling on Tracks and Why You Need A Small Bike Bag to Go With It

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Cycling in town is a whole different experience than cycling on tracks. There are many potential hazards that come along with cycling in town. Traffic, pedestrians, changes in weather, and cycling infrastructure all affect your safety. Using a bicycle seat bag, whether it is a bike pouch or a bicycle seat bag, is a must.

Remember to Take Your Under Seat Bike Bag & These Safety Measures

It’s important for regular bike commuters to know how to cycle safely in heavy traffic. In addition to being visible and using the correct lanes and hand signals, using an under seat bike bag is a great way to safely carry the tools and extra gear you may need.

Be Ready for Anything with the Two Wheel Gear Commute Seat Bag: The Small Bike Bag We Love

There’s nothing worse than running into mechanical trouble or unexpected weather during a commute and not being prepared for it.  By using a bike frame bag like our Two Wheel Gear commute bike seat pack, you’ll always be ready for anything.

This bike seat bag is big enough to fit the essentials (tools, spare tubes, and a light jacket) but not so big that it weighs you down.

On the Road: Think Always Bicycle Storage Bags

woman with bike bag storage seat bag

Whether you’re commuting locally or on a longer bike-packing trip, you’ll need bicycle storage bags. In fact, you will probably want to invest in both a larger bicycle frame bag and a small bike bag such as a bicycle seat bag or a bike pouch.

A larger frame bike bag is good for carrying supplies for long bike trips, such as food, extra clothes, and overnight gear. Bicycle storage bags also come in handy for safely carrying necessary items like a laptop, office clothes, and lunch when cycling to work. 

But what about small bike bags? Sometimes you need a compact bicycle bag or bike seat pack.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages: The Frame Bag to Hold All Your Belongings Safely

When it comes to finding the right bicycle frame bag you might feel like Goldilocks – this cycling bag is too small, that frame bag is too big…how do you find the bike frame bag that is just right? We’ve got you covered with our bicycle bag options.

Efficiency at its Best: Two Wheel Gear’s Bicycle Frame Bag

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Our weatherproof frame bag comes in small/medium (3.5L) and large (6L). This durable bicycle bag is easy to attach to any bicycle frame and has reflective features to enhance safety. With internal mesh organizers and external access, it’s easy for you to organize your belongings and get exactly what you need when you need it.

Bonus: Best Cycling Cities in Canada to Add to Your Bucket List

The best part of cycling is exploring new territory on two wheels. Here are some of the best cycling cities in Canada to explore with your bicycle bag. 

  • Vancouver: you can’t beat the ocean and mountain views while cycling in Vancouver. Plus, bike lanes that stretch all the way to the North shore and mild weather make for a great combination for cyclists.
  • Victoria:  BC’s capital has an extensive network of bike lanes and the compact downtown core makes a bicycle a great way to get around. Like Vancouver, this is a great year-round cycling destination, as long as you’ve got some good rain gear!
  • Montreal: With a large network of marked bike paths and designated bike lanes, Montreal is a great, safe environment for city cycling- just not in winter.
  • Saskatoon: For riders who like a flat, scenic ride, pedalling through the heart of the city along the river makes for an easy, pretty place to ride.

With so many great destinations to visit, there is no time to waste. Grab the right bike frame bag, and we’ll see you on the road!

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